The human spirit is so fascinating. Don’t you agree? You just never know what lights people up and to what degree. So it is with mentoring my high achieving creatives who come into my programs eager and ready to grow, change, do things differently, create better results, and rid themselves of overwhelm, discontent, and frustration.

In 2018 I committed to sharing stories of creative entrepreneurs I considered as leaders in their industries who I worked with to inspire what’s possible for you and offer a new perspective.

Isolation or DIY can keep you thinking and acting in the same ways you always have creating similar results. Mentorship raises your standards and results through the power of accountability. This life-changing connection helps you create new decision making skills from a higher, new mindset which then creates a new normal, new habits, and new behaviors that result in never achieved desires, goals, and fulfillment. The following stories exemplify that.

Here are a few of the story links to my Creative Leaders of 2018!

Where do I begin with my long-time client, Jessica Mendivil of Mendivil Events & Designs… If there was ever a woman on a mission to thrive against high odds at times, it would be her. When Jessica and I met at an industry networking event in 2016, she was in the early stages of her event planning & production business. From recalibrating and healing her money relationship of fear, lack, worry, uncertainty and under-earning to owning her value and worth, increasing her rates and taking a stand in pressured situations, Jessica developed a “new normal” in stronger boundaries, confidence and self-worth. Read her full story here.

Juan Castro followed the yellow brick road. He is a leading DJ/MC talent for Orange County-based Invisible Touch Events owned by Robert Arthur, jumped into his VIP Creative Entrepreneur Success Program, he had no idea what was in store for him. BUT he had strong “signs” along the way that he made the right decision to hire me as his mentor. Read his full story to find out what happened.

As my clients progress in their programs, I am on the lookout for early results to not only acknowledge them personally in their achievements to support the continued momentum, but I take it a step further and edify them in front of their peers and clients for good reason. I desire for them to be role models of leadership.

David Krieger of Krieger DJ|MC Company is one of those I can proudly and confidently say is on his way. In the first three weeks of his Creative Entrepreneur Success Mentoring program, not only did he promptly make behavior, habit and mindset changes that resulted in stronger boundaries, a new self-care routine, and an upgraded wealth consciousness, but he booked his FIRST premium DJ package within a week of us redesigning his rates and packages.

Meet Lori Rose of the NEW Rose Health Mentoring! Moxie is her nickname thanks to her Mom. Throughout Lori’s life she demonstrated a deep commitment to striving and thriving even in the face of major adversity. I pulled together a team of bright, talented women to give Lori the option to launch her first website. The result? A gorgeous, graceful wellness brand and website launched this week, June 5, 2018, to drive her new integrative health mentoring business. Discover more about her transformation here.

Lori Myren-Manbeck was celebrated on the blog earlier this year for her commitment to life-long change. She is an inspiration to many and hopefully, you will be, too! She is now learning how to partner with money to create results she is proud of vs. operating out of uncertainty most of the time and being disconnected from her numbers. Lori’s money life was significantly impacted by fear, uncertainty, and lack mindset that is now in a beautiful place of healing and daily liberation. And that was only half way through her program. Read her full story here and help me celebrate her.

Meet my first Italian client, Donatella D’Anniballe of Donatella Wedding Italy. Dona’s passion for the environment led her to focus on “Green Weddings” as her brand platform. During the coaching, she took a week course in getting “green” certified which she was very proud of as I was of her. Dona learned quickly that success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. Find out what her most profound shifts were.

Courtney Cobb of Eliza Jane Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer based in Los Angeles. When Courtney and I met September 2017, she craved being full-time in her already established destination photography business, but was afraid to pull THE trigger. Find out if she went full time, click here.

Irene Gomez was one of the most positive replies to my email last year about a get-to-know-you-session. Her reason for reaching out was that – she recently had opened herself up to saying yes more often to exploring new experiences and people. She was on a path of personal and professional growth developing herself into a savvy opportunist. As a new health coach in the early stages of her business, she was more than eager to learn to be savvy and smart with money by eliminating her old stories of fear, worry, limiting habits, and lack mentality. Find out what happened after 3 months!

I was overly excited (and surprised) when Michelle reached out to me via email for Spring 2018 mentorship because she wanted to be an entrepreneur right out of college! As she completed her last semester of college with her studies, we developed her first business venture. Find out what it is, click here.

These leaders are remarkable examples of the human spirit and what it looks like to make powerful shifts in their personal lives thus impacting the success of their unique businesses. Read their stories, and tell me in a comment below who inspires you the most and why.

Happy New Year!