A cohort for women entrepreneurs who are driven to achieve their one-year goals in 90 days

This is for you if:


You are a high-achieving, creative woman entrepreneur seeking the intuitive and strategic approach to success in life and business without the expectation of the hustle.


You are ready for new ideas to uplevel your mindset and business with a collaborative intimate group of women who seek the same.


Intrigued how to achieve your one-year goals in 90 days. You are ready to learn! (Hint: this is not a massive action burnout approach. Not on my watch! I teach and live the proven blend of masculine & feminine principles to bring more pleasure into your life as you manifest desires & goals quickly!)


You know accountability is the power behind achieving your goals and desires quicker, sooner, and more efficiently. You are ready to be guided, inspired, and take-action to build momentum for 2024 success.


You desire to learn how to apply the blend of masculine and feminine principles while working so that you catch the signs of pending burnout – and pivot using the tools of feminine leadership.


You want to learn how to think, feel, and act more confident with money as you leverage your business more efficiently, and increase profits and brand impact. And, you are open to redefining your money story that is potentially holding you back from the income you deserve.


You are curious how to reignite your creativity by refining your natural gifts of intuition that will guide you to make better decisions in life and in business.


You want to set better boundaries with yourself, your friends and family, in work situations, and honoring your pricing and value while offering your services so that you feel more dignified and peaceful.


You want to clarify or upgrade your ideal client, customer, or recruit profile that aligns with your financial goals.

Success Stories

“In my year-long coaching, I loved learning from Marla that money is currency and currency is energy! And it’s nothing to fear…my confidence in managing money grew from contraction to expansion. I grew my self-worth and value which resulted in me raising my rates and to be more firm with them and not offering any discounts.

I also set money goals this year, which I hadn’t done before which helped me visibly see it and manifest it. My income increased this year by $20,000 and I booked 10 less events!

The most profound changes in my mindset and intuition and how they affected my decision-making abilities included going from an almost full-time operating masculine mindset and running on a hamster wheel to being able to blend both, masculine/feminine principles to live out my most authentic, creative, and abundant life.

Transforming my money relationship and mindset from scarcity to higher vibration of wealth consciousness was profound. And, I learned to lean more into my intuition and higher power for guidance and in moments where my mind would retreat back to old patterns.

The biggest difference in my business and revenues was learning how to navigate the delegation of the tasks that don’t align with my high value activities. Having help to hire a VA and leaving white space in my calendar to nurture my empath/HSP lifestyle was huge. Changing the narrative on what defines success.”

Mixologist, event host & creator of Solful Soundtrack of Life Podcast

“Today’s CREATE Cohort session about our relationship to intuition and our spiritual journey was beyond incredible, inspirational, and so heartfelt. Thank you Marla for being our guide to our truth, our joy in love.”

Cindy Celis
Partner/director of business development at flair project

I am needing to connect deeper with my intuition through journaling. When I am quiet and really pause and pay attention my intuition is there and coming through. I love connecting with it and desire to deepen and grow the connection.

When I pause and reflect my intuition has served me well and there are times I really should have listened when I didn’t. I listen to those little nudges now:)

What is included and how this works:


Live 2-hour group Zoom calls every other week (6 total) on Wednesdays 1:00-3:00 PM Pacific starting May 22, June 5, June 19, July 3, July 17, July 31.


Three months of strategic and intuitive and strategic coaching to build quick momentum for mid-2024


Welcome packet and prep questions for successful kick-off

FB private group page to build relationships and momentum while posting ideas, inspiration, progress, and engaging with each other all in support of your cohort partners throughout the three months
Accompanying handouts and templates for each session topic to assist you in processing your breakthroughs and achieving results.

All sessions are recorded for your convenience.


Access to private member only website page for zoom recordings, downloads, handouts, and schedules.

the purpose

A gathering of high achieving women entrepreneurs to build a camaraderie of support, creative discussions, and group coaching that creates a momentum energy to elevate Q2 & Q3 of 2024 while achieve your desires and goals in 90-days using Marla’s Creative Achievement Formula. 
Our Cohort Essential Coaching Topics:

Creative Achievement Formula

Achieve 1-year goals in 3 months by changing your beliefs about the length of time it will take while learning Marla’s 90-day intuitive and strategic approach with proven manifesting skills.


Love Your Intuition

Embrace the power to make business and personal decisions from your instincts first rather than default to your logic. Make intuition your 1st sense rather than your 6th sense to live a much more intentional and fulfilling life. 


Make Peace with Your Money Story

Live by 4 money truths to eliminate old beliefs, habits, and behaviors not serving you or your bank account. Create a new relationship with money that is dignified, confident, and plentiful.

Own Your Genius Zone to Elevate Your Revenues, Joy, and Creativity While Leveraging Your Business

Discover and define your Zone of Genius for more joy in your work, higher creative fulfillment and increased money flowing in from several channels. Learn how to apply your Genius Zone as your leverage strategy for your business for better ROI and worthiness of your time.


Clarify or upgrade your ideal client, customer, or recruit profile to sharpen your marketing strategy and conversion rate.

Ensure you work with ideal clients, customers, or recruits

Celebration of your achievements and transformations, review of modules for clarity coaching, Q&A

Share in the celebration of each member’s successes while anchoring in what you learned over the 90-days with Q&A.
Wealth consciousness based coaching

Empower 2024

I guide and mentor you to heal and evolve your habits, behaviors, and mindset in your relationship with money so that you create a new money legacy for you and your family for generations to come.

By healing old money patterns, imprints and false beliefs, you will change the way you operate with money, how you make personal, family, and business decisions, execute goals, and generate personal income.

As a woman entrepreneur, I want you abundantly paid for your passion and purpose; not your time. That’s the power of wealth consciousness-based coaching.

Wealth consciousness is about transforming your perception and programming of fear, worry, judgment, stress, and guilt around money to the truth that we live in an abundant, supportive Universe.

With that, you develop a healthy partnership with the tangible and intangible by taking actions that align with your goals and desires.

When we have long-time programming around how we think, feel and act with money, we unknowingly live with blind spots that are diluting our best intentions to become higher-achieving, more dignified, more worthy, and higher-earning professionals.

It's time to master your wealth, worth, and earning power.

Timely BonuS

First three to enroll by May 10 will receive 60-min of private coaching with Marla to be used in the first 30 days of the program. Value is $950. We will confirm after you are registered.

Meet Your Intuitive Business & Life Coach

Marla Diann, owner of Marla Diann Mentoring International, is an intuitive business strategist, speaker, and life designer for high-achieving creative entrepreneurs ready to upgrade to their next level of life and business financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Marla helps creative entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money as they collapse the timeframe of achieving their one-year goals into three-months. She serves women over 40 by guiding them how to listen to their intuition as they design their next chapter giving them something NEW to marvel at in life!

Her podcast, Follow Your Joy, launched in June 2022, is a popular entrepreneurial resource for creatives sharing their challenge to victory career stories through the lens of listening to their intuition.

Celebrating 28 years as a creative entrepreneur of two businesses, 1996-2008 Entertainment PR, and 2008-present in her coaching business, Marla represents over three decades of entrepreneurship, entertainment PR & talent management, life & business coaching, personal branding, spirituality, and volunteering for women and youth empowerment organizations.

Marla holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences degree in PR Journalism from San Diego State University. She is a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University. She is a proud member of The Divine Living Community with her mentor Gina DeVee and 7-year member of Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and three years with Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA), as part of serving creative entrepreneurs. She is an 8-year member of eWomenNetwork.

Her 16 years of coaching and speaking expertise came from years of investing in herself through her own mentors and coaches teaching her how to excel in human potential and entrepreneurship.

Her certified status as a Money Breakthrough Method™ and Sacred Money Archetype™ coach has given her the platform to change lives financially and help creatives create a new money legacy (habits, behaviors, mindset) since 2010.

Marla is a proud Mom of her 33-year-old son who has his own successful real estate investing business. She lives in Palos Verdes Estates, CA, with her adorable dog Ruby and loves all things Italian, Disney, creative, romance, spiritual, inspirational, humanitarian, nature and outdoors.

mOre Success Stories

Good Afternoon My Sweet Cohort Friends. I just want to post some of my successes of the last 30 days.

My biggest is being asked by my youngest daughter to babysit for 3 hours for the twins.

Sunday we had another successful get together family brunch at my condo, creating memories

May Maui 2-week Condo and plane is completely paid for

Feb -4 applications written and approved

March -6 applications submitted

Bought a new purse and wallet

I am manifesting a new world for myself. Thank you, God, the Universe, Marla Diann, My Cohort Ladies and Myself for being open to accept these wonderful blessings. God Bless you

“In the three-months of coaching, I found a new confident posture in how I talk about my business and decision-making because I increased my self-worth. I feel much more comfortable with prospect reach outs due to feeling more confident and worthy.

I now understand my money relationship so my self talk has changed! I began setting boundaries within my business and it feels great to be in control of my time!
The qualifying recruiting system Marla created for me is a game changer! It can make the biggest difference in my business. I’m super excited to use this new system and I feel very comfortable with it.

Also, I am SUPER excited about my new website, branding, and funnel! My brand story is something that I used to struggle with, and Marla helped me break it down and make sense! She explained the importance of these tools and how to implement them into my business.”

Sheri Weinstein
Top Seller and Ambassador with Herbal Alchemy

“I have a better way of weeding out leads that are just “shopping around.” I realized I was definitely undercharging for my abilities and talents. I am even more certain when I turn down events that do not fit my client profiles.

I feel the biggest impact on my revenues from coaching was learning and applying the qualifying sales and leads system.

Thanks to Marla’s money mindset coaching, I see my relationship with money more as a blessing more than ever. I really saw that my old thoughts around what I thought was being greedy or around money weren’t serving me well or to my advantage. They were in fact working against me.”

Luke Sensebe
DJ Lux and Owner Premiere Events Group

“After nine months of coaching, I now approach work, clients, and pricing from a place of power instead of obligation or fear.

Instead of feeling like I am unworthy of spending time on joy, crafts or hobbies, Marla has taught me that those support my genius zone. Spending time on my joy supports my work. It is all connected!

I have established a relationship with money, instead of avoiding one. I now track my income, knowing that what I focus on expands.

The money tracking system has been the biggest game changer for me. I have adapted the systems into one place, where I can focus on my mindset and money in one place.

I experienced learning to identify my struggles alongside my wins. Identifying my struggles allowed me to work through them with support and guidance. When doubting myself, I could lean on Marla’s wisdom as I built my confidence.”

Nina Addeo
Social Media expert, Owner of

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TIMELY BONUS: first three to enroll by May 10, 2024 receive a 60-min private coaching session to be used in first 30 days of the program. (Value $950) 

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