What’s possible when you invest in yourself to overcome blind-spots and barriers to success?

I am publicly congratulating client Lori Myren-Manbeck for her commitment to life-long change. She is an inspiration to many and hopefully, you will be, too!

Lori is in the middle of my signature Money Legacy program and has already had major money relationship breakthroughs. Her pre-coaching life was already ascending due to her exciting new business venture, www.inclusivi-tee.com, but she knew she had to heal her relationship with money if she was to achieve her bigger vision. Lori’s beautiful mission is to:

• Promote equality, diversity, inclusivity, and kindness.
• Create artist-designed t-shirts around themes of justice and kindness.
• Donate 50% of our profits to nonprofit organizations that protect the earth and all her creatures.
• Actively participate in activities in support of organizations that share our mission.

What used to be money drama behavior for her (very common among many people) operating from fear, worry, guilt and other low energy vibes around daily money decisions, is now being replaced with confidence, new tools, trust, faith and a healed money mindset. All this is possible by diligently following the coaching, tools, and discipline it requires to change your life and relationship with money.

In the program, I take you through a dignified discovery of your money history, money story, behaviors and habits that may have prevented you from achieving your long-held desired dreams and goals. All of that due to lack of confidence, constant money challenges, and all the feelings associated with it – constant fear, worry, shame, guilt, lack of joy.

Fear no more! There is always an option to empower, change and upgrade your life when you have the courage to tell the truth to yourself and ask for loving guidance from experts.

Lori is now learning how to partner with money to create results she is proud of vs. operating out of uncertainty most of the time and being disconnected from her numbers.

Lori’s money life was significantly impacted by fear, uncertainty, and lack mindset that is now in a beautiful place of healing and daily liberation. And we still have another 45 days to go!

What I am really thrilled about for her is she is already on her way with her husband to making new money decisions based out of dignity. They now have empowering vulnerable money conversations about their goals that lead to collaborating which never happened before.

Fantastic! Healing women and their money relationship is beyond description. So grateful!

I LOVE Lori’s affirmation she created today — “This new approach and attitude with money is quite life-changing and so much more enjoyable.”

And so it is. Congrats Lori!

NOTE: I highly recommend you join Lori in her mission to lift humanity of those less fortunate and heal the earth by your daily consciousness to give time, talent, or treasure to organizations that support these platforms.

Through the sale of wearable art t-shirts, Inclusivi-tee donates 50% of their profits to organizations locally and worldwide.

Lori’s company often partners with local Minnesota sponsors to expand her mission. Currently, her focus is KINDNESS. On Oct 12, 2018, The Kindness Concert Experience: Kindness at Home, will provide an evening of live music to include featured musical artist Antonio Jackson (listen here), kindness speeches, and community supporting neighbors experiencing housing difficulties. The event is sponsored by The Kindness Concert Experience, Inclusivi-tee, 1-Love/1-Mission, and The American Institute of Architects. Click here for tickets, donations and more info.

To your success & fulfillment!