Success Principle #17: Ask for what you want

My go-to resource for practical advice is often Jack Canfield’s THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES book. (In my top 20 success books list) His chapter on Principle 17 "The Power of ASKING" is so incredibly valuable. I upped my game a few years ago in the principle of asking after reading the chapter AND listening to

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Ode to Mom; strength in varying degrees

This week is a personal story in ode to my Mom and all of you, who are mothers, have or had mothers, and grandmothers. Hope it inspires. :) My mother's inner strength was never very obvious to me. Although there were times she definitely surprised me with the way she expressed herself at various

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A sure sign you are living your values

You know you are living your values when they can be hard to live. I heard this on Barbara Corcoran’s podcast when she interviewed Marc Lore, serial entrepreneur who is globally recognized for selling to Walmart for $3 Billion. Hearing that immediately elevated my beliefs around living my values. It was the integrity

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Outstanding financial results in 4-6 weeks!

I love a good, real-life “challenge to victory” story. Don't you? We could all use a dose of positivity and hope about now! In my #lookforthegood mindset and approach to our current situation, I am an advocate for these inspiring stories - they are vital to our mental health and well-being! These two women

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John Travolta’s Secret Skill

Good day Creatives, I am fascinated by successful business minds. And, especially when I least expect it. Who doesn't love John Travolta? Not only is he a brilliant actor and stellar commercial airplane pilot, but he is quite a savvy business negotiator. Did you know he personally negotiated his long time “Ambassador” deal with

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Pandemic Resources – #lookforthegood

Good day Creatives, I gathered a few resources I created or found recently that may be of interest and help to you or someone you know going through this surreal pandemic. Who would have known? Loads of Blessings. Last week as part of my contribution to the mindset and collective consciousness, I created the

2020-04-02T18:42:08-07:00April 1st, 2020|

Now is the time for NEW Leadership

When I composed the content for last week’s Visionary Creative Roundtable event almost two months ago, I found it ironic the very message I intended for the training turned out to be exactly what is being required of all of you - THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. Lead to inspire is my aspiration for you as today’s enlightened business

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