What Makes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Brand Really is Marvelous

I know what I’ll be binge-watching this weekend!! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! (Don’t worry I won’t share any spoilers!) There’s a saying, that everything has already been created, that nothing is new and that’s simply not true. There’s always more stories that need to be told and Mrs. Maisel is one of those

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Be More Creative

I always find December to be one of the most CREATIVE months as we slow down and curl up by the fire or in my Southern California case - curl up and watch the waves come in and the sunset color the ocean horizon. It is the perfect time to renew your own creativity.

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How having a Grateful Heart can impact your life & abundance

Today, and everyday, I have a grateful heart. I am grateful for you, my son, my new home, my clients, courage, creativity, my body, mind and soul - and so much more. In the aftermath of the firestorms in my region of California and up north and with Thanksgiving on Thursday, the thought of

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5 Steps to Reinvention

Do you know the marketing and branding secret to Madonna and Lady Gaga’s success? They frequently re-invent themselves (brand) and business. Being in the Madonna era (80s-2000s), I was always so impressed with her as THE leader in creative freedom and re-invention; and she is still going strong. Lady Gaga is our current

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The human spirit is so fascinating. Don’t you agree? You just never know what lights people up and to what degree. So it is with mentoring my high achieving creatives who come into my programs eager and ready to grow, change, do things differently, create better results, and rid themselves of overwhelm, discontent, and

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Have you heard about Generation Z? They are the next surge of entrepreneurs right out of college

I think you'll find this fascinating. Traditionally a year prior to graduating college and then immediately beyond, our young, driven graduates are in the midst of strategically preparing resumes, learning interview etiquette, networking and assertively sending out resumes in hopes of finding that "dream" first real job. Then there's the new genre -

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Money personality assessment reveals vital info about how to increase your income while eliminating financial challenges

Why would knowing your “money personality” be important to your overall bottom line in business? How would the details of a money personality assessment be of benefit to you? Well, here are examples. Q: If you are known to be careful to always live below you means and be very disciplined in how you

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High pay-off activities on high watch!

Coming from gorgeous Lake Como with this week's blog! Example #1: Few years ago, one of my colleagues who is also a money expert known for her books and 7-week financial stress reduction course chose to create a sales workshop due to requests coming in from clients wanting to know how she

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