May Cause Miracles

Happy Gorgeous May 1st! Creatives, I know you understand some of the leading sustaining qualities of being successful in business are resilience and innovation – in other words, reinvention is key to staying current, fresh and alive to your audience. To be relevant and innovative, we must be open to change and disrupt our

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His passion fills a global need for financial literacy

My client, Felipe, an upstanding, diligent professional in the banking industry, and I share the same passion for financial literacy. We champion people in developing healthier and empowered relationship with money in their habits, behaviors and mindset. In one of his coaching sessions we focused on identifying his Thought Leader platform that could changes

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Are you feeling it? The Change?

I have not revealed as much as I really could about my spiritual life. It's time. Let's talk about the power of intuition. Each time I reinvented myself in small or large ways over the last 30 yrs., it was always inspired by a strong divine urge prodding me to up-level, change, and evolve.

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27 Business Experts Swag Bag Giveaway

It's your lucky day! Seriously. Whether you feel called to host your own transformational event, want more clients (who doesn’t?), want to learn high performing speaking tips, manage your money mindset, use a creative achievement formula to honor your desires, shortcut your back-end systems, spin your PR angle for better conversion and so much

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