Sacred Steps to Strengthening Your Intuition

My gut, living and breathing truth. I cannot reach the 1000s of women my heart and soul want to in order to inspire them to strengthen their relationship with their INTUITION, which is a doorway to their genius and joy, because it's humanly impossible. But what is possible is creating a collaboration of powerful


The Smart Savvy Opportunist

Developing Creative Leaders for 10 years! I think it’s important to the core message of this article to share with you how Irene Gomez showed up in my life. Early January this year I sent out personal email invitations to very select entrepreneurs from my private webinar lists to join me in a


She was destined to be THE Moxie Girl!

Developing Creative Leaders: 10 years of changing lives! What do you get when you transform an elementary school teacher of 23 years with a passion for health and wellness and an integrative nutrition certification? You get a very happy, inspired, lit up woman with a ton of moxie! I’m pleased to introduce to


Are you living on brand?

Celebrating 10 years in the business of changing lives! Developing creative leaders is and always has been my passion behind my business purpose. I aspire for you to be a thought leader who inspires others while being an influential brand that your tribe resonates with. Your personal brand speaks volumes about


What’s on your bucket list? Exhilarating Ideas!

Celebrating 10 years in the business of changing lives! Hello Stars and Starlets, Inspired by Harry & Meghan‘s Royal wedding (amazing!), I say it’s time to raise our wealth consciousness for bigger dreams and hopes for a life well lived! I see this union of love as a new hope for the


The Richness of Becoming a Visionary, Influencer, and Creative Leader

Celebrating 10 years in the business of changing lives! Personal growth always precedes business growth. The personal development part of my holistic coaching method for my creatives requires evaluating and transforming the person running the business first. I have proven structures and systems to teach and implement, which are vital, however, if your


Woman on a Mission to Thrive

Celebrating 10 years in the business of changing lives! Goodness. Where do I begin with my long-time client, Jessica Mendivil of Mendivil Events & Designs... If there was ever a woman on a mission to thrive against high odds at times, it would be her. When Jessica and I met at an

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