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Marla Diann is an international success coach and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs and professionals who are committed to upgrading to the next level of life and business mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Her 10-year-old mentoring company and brand speaks to visionaries and thought leaders seeking to be change makers in their industries.

She brings over 30+ years of entertainment PR & talent management, branding, entrepreneurship, personal growth, professional development, mentoring, coaching, and philanthropy to her relationships.

She firmly believes we are and can continue to be the greatest creators of our time where we have capabilities to build cities and inspire nations, design products, innovate technology, ignite human potential, and progress our lives as long as we retool our creativity.

Creative renewal is a brilliant wake-up call woven into her teachings.

Her ideal clients are men and women in business for 2-10 + years ready and committed to investing in their success. In their current status, they seek a more innovative, progressive way to make an impact and express their talents while increasing their revenues.

Marla guides her entrepreneur clients to identify and implement new success habits, a renewed creativity and discovery of their genius zone, new behaviors, new mindset, and a transformed, more congruent relationship with money.

All of this results in a leveraged business and a clearer path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising their health, well-being, dignity, family or values.

As an international coach, Marla lives the laptop lifestyle traveling a few times a year to Italy producing empowerment retreats with more countries to come.

She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences degree in PR Journalism from San Diego State University. She is a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University.

She is a 4-year member of eWomenNetwork. She is a proud Mom of her 27-year-old successful son. She loves all things Disney, creative, romance, Italy, spiritual, inspirational, humanitarian, nature and outdoors.


For speaking and media inquiries, please call 310-316-4725 or email

Marla’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Your Sweet Spot

Creating Time and Space for Your Genius Zone

We explore and discuss:

  • Why all the buzz about living more often in your genius zone?
  • Common symptoms of not being in your genius zone
  • Why is creative renewal a precursor to finding your genius zone?
  • What stops us most often from creating time and space for our genius zone
  • Creating a new relationship with time (No more lack mentality!)
  • The 4 zones of productivity and which zone will keep you from your genius
  • Identifying your genius zone and how to do the BIG LEAP
Genius Zone premise:

One of my required readings in my mentoring programs is the extraordinary book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. It’s a perfect fit for several of my main principles I mentor and coach – one in particular – learning to work and live more often in your genius zone.

The only place for us creatives (and most other entrepreneurs) to truly THRIVE and feel fulfilled is your Zone of Genius. It’s where you do your best work. It’s your most NATURAL place to be and the ultimate path to success and fulfillment.

As Hendricks writes, “Your Zone of Genius is the set of activities you are uniquely suited to do and they draw upon your special gifts and strengths.” The whole premise to the teaching is creating a consciousness as to when you are preventing yourself from achieving higher more consistent success more often.

See, we silly humans have a behavior that no one is exempt from. We sabotage our own happiness just when going gets good. It’s an unconscious thermostat that halts our happiness. There are degrees to which each of us does this. But we all do it on some level.

Here’s the incentive to know your genius and desire to work and live in it more often. Imagine having a liberated, proven approach to navigating your success in anything you do. Isn’t that the million dollar question we all want the answer to?

Creative Renewal

The Power of Creative Renewal as a Precursor to Finding Your Genius Zone

We explore and discuss:

  • What is creative renewal and how do you know you need it?
  • 3 vital steps to getting started in your creative renewal
  • 13 core qualities of a renewed creativity you definitely want to integrate in your life and business!
  • What’s possible with a renewed creativity?
  • 5 Essential Ingredients for Living an Amplified Creative Life!
Creative Renewal Premise:

It is my intention to ignite your own unique creative renewal that brings about a shift or change in how you interact with yourself, others and the world.

What lights you up? What does not feel like work and you could do it all day long? Those are trademarks of your genius zone. How often are you really happy? These questions are meant to stir a curiosity in you as to the quality of your life and business.

I aspire for you to eliminate the habits, behaviors and mindset that keep you slaving to time and work. I’m giving you permission to have a new relationship with your creativity, your genius and time.

Creative renewal is a new relationship with your inspired self – the place where ideas, your art, innovation, and powerful shifts originate.

For the creativepreneur, artist, innovator, creative director, thought leader or visionary, creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability.

If you are an artist of any form, it’s a re-claimed part of yourself you may have neglected for a variety of reasons. It is my hope you recognize and embrace you are a channel to bring a higher level of your talents, solutions, ideas, and innovation to your business and to humanity.

Wealth Conciousness

Raising Your Wealth Consciousness for Higher Sales Conversion

Marla will walk you through her client’s most popular challenges:

  • Strategies to remain firm on pricing
  • Setting stronger boundaries for empowering money conversations
  • Is it true we attract who we are in our lead generation and sales process?
  • 4 Nuggets from Marla’s success strategies raising your wealth consciousness
  • How to determine if you are properly priced
  • Appropriate and effective strategies to increase pricing at periodic intervals
  • 3 empowering questions Marla will ask you to help you create a higher revenues state of mind
Wealth Consciousness & Sales Conversion Premise:

She has her audience explore common money blind-spots, mindset, behaviors and habits that are causing frustrating sales meetings and results.
Success in pricing and closing sales begins with your own money relationship and what you unconsciously feel you are worth. If there is one vital component is missing – you are sure to have a challenge at achieving your financial goals.

Conversely, if you have this one vital component in place and are committed to applying it to your life and business, you are sure to be on the fast track to achieving those goals.

The one vital component is ….the condition of your wealth consciousness. This is not just another wealth consciousness presentation.

Imagine just how much that one element will immediately change how you plan ahead and determine the probability of achieving those revenue goals or even higher than what you expected. And, it can determine how you approach the sales process.

Upgrading your relationship with money and your wealth consciousness will change how you make decisions and shift the trajectory of your life. It’s that profound in how she teaches it. Just ask her clients. Marla takes you through the most requested questions listed above while applying her wealth consciousness principles.

What’s Your Creative Impact?

Thought Leader Branding and Platforms That Ignite Change

We will explore and discuss:

  • 4 Truths That Position You as a Thought Leader That Thrives
  • 4 Undisputable Leadership Qualities Required to Lead a Movement
  • Learn How to Define Your Genius Zone to Live There More Often
Thought Leader Topic Premise:

Genuine, impactful, and inspiring personal brands are willing to “step out and be heard” even if it feels uncertain and vulnerable.

We are agents of change.

Over the next few years the much talked about saturation online will need your leadership to implement change on small and large levels in your own industry and that of humanity.

That is a “thought leader.”

Branding Solution: Be a change agent.

Influencers/thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise.

They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and show how to replicate their success.

It began with a rumbling in 2015 when leaders, icons, and powerful influencers of many kinds were predicting the masses were headed for a big shift in how people show up online and through their brands.


The bubble is about to burst they claimed. Congestion. Diluted messaging. Too much noise online. There is no barrier to entry to be called an expert. The questions were flying “How do you stand above the noise and be heard?”

The answer: Change the conversation.

Past Clients
  • Wedding MBA Conference, Las Vegas 2020

  • Keller Williams South Bay Los Angeles 2019

  • Creative Writer’s Group South Bay Los Angeles 2018

  • Event Planners Association Southern California
  • Success Summit for Today’s Innovative Woman
  • La Femme Film Festival
  • Women Radio Network
  • South Bay Business Women’s Association

  • Social Media Week Los Angeles Beauty, Bling & Branding You Lifestyle Event
  • Chase Talks Business Speaker Series
  • Kim Somers’ Willow Tree Women In Business
  • Dr. Careen Young Dental Study Group

  • NuSkin Business Group of Orange County

  • Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Conference World of Weddings, Tampa Florida, 2018

  • eWomen Network Orange County Chapter 2017

  • Women About Town Los Angeles 2017

  • Connect Her Conference San Diego 2016

  • WeWork Downtown L.A. location 2016

  • Women & Wealth of Orange County
  • Over 40 Females Professional Woman’s Organization Orange
  • County Chapter
  • Keri Murphy’s Ignite Your It Factor Workshop
  • Patti Keating’s RESONATE Telesummit 2013
  • Cal State Long Beach Delta Sigma Chi Business Fraternity
  • Destiny By Design Business Telesummit 2013
  • Networking From the Heart Business Mixer South Bay
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