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Philanthropy is a personal choice. I choose to support youth and college students in their creativity/empowerment and women’s leadership because it aligns with my top core values in life. Creativity, innovation, empowerment, and visionary leadership drive every action I take personally and professionally. I invite you to enjoy learning about my favorite organizations that I personally work with.

South Bay Artist Collective

Do you agree art of all types is healing?

Especially for youth today. The mental health of our youth due to the pandemic has been a huge challenge for families. I have a local solution. See if this resonates with you, ok?

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My creative heart has found a home. Anything that includes youth, creativity, innovation, personal development, and body/mind/soul integration, I am in!

Remarkable five-year-old non-profit founded by Rafael McMaster. His vision to grow an artist community for South Bay artists and families has been a huge labor of love.

His signature CREATIVE WISDOM TOOLS PROGRAM for youth is all-inclusive. Art. Creativity. Intuition. Energy. Imagination. Meditation. Chakras. Confidence. Fun. There is nothing like this out there especially with art classes being pulled from school budgets.

The impact Rafael and his programs are making on our local youth is so far-reaching and transformative. After weeks in the program, quiet, introverted kids are coming out of their shells. Their confidence begins to soar because of the synergy, validation of who they are and their creativity, and the consciousness teachings. Nothing like it out there!

From SBAC site, “Our Award-Winning VISUAL ARTS Program, teaches creative development through the skills of illustration, graphic design, spray paint, photography, paint pouring, hydro-dipping, creative conception, digital illustration, Occulus VR Art, traditional painting and beyond.”

Testimonial from a student’s parent:

“Reed was initially resistant to try this program, but after his first class and every week since there is true joy on his face when he comes home. This is a first–I have never seen him exhibit this kind of forward-looking pride and excitement in anything else he’s done before. I am convinced this is just impactful–and far less expensive–than any therapy we’ve tried. He is having so much FUN, and using the tools he’s been given in this workshop in his life at home.

If we can give more kids the opportunity to learn about themselves and have an understanding of their mind-body connection from the start, they will never need to unlearn the habits and thought patterns that don’t serve them in the future.” – Kim Allen, mother of Reed Allen, age 11 boy

To see how you can support SBAC in any way that resonates with you, head over to SBAC’s site:

SDSU Mentoring

Mentoring young minds and future leaders is one of my passions that speak to my core mission: inspiration, innovation and legacy.

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Looking back over the last three decades, all roads led to mentoring on many levels including building a company based on this premise. As a single mother, I raised my now 29 year-old son encouraging him to be a visionary and make a difference in the world. His core values have led him to a successful career in Real Estate investing and development. Very proud of the guy!

I envisioned after graduating SDSU with a degree in Journalism, PR, to mentor students. Giving back is a cornerstone of life. I love the environment of learning. That goal came true in the fall of 2014 when I was accepted into SDSU’s mentorship program hosted by their career services department.

I’m grateful to be mentoring smart, driven, and savvy young women students about to be graduating in their Journalism, marketing or communication majors at SDSU. Volunteering my years of entrepreneurship, PR, branding, self-development, success principles and Universal Law principles for these young leaders is quite an honor.

I LOVE it! I wish I had someone like me when I was their age!

Click here for the inspiring story of my mentee, Michelle Zoldano, who chose the path of entrepreneurship rather than the traditional route of employment, to launch a new business all the while she was preparing to graduate college.

Crown Jewel Club

Between 2014-2016 I chose to volunteer as a teacher and mentor for the remarkable Crown Jewel Club based in El Segundo, CA founded in 2005 by local business woman/philanthropist Jane Phillips. Her mission spoke to my heart, “Addressing the challenges of at-risk girls and guiding them on the path to success.” Crown Jewel Club is a non-profit organization that empowers at-risk girls with basic etiquette and social skills essential to building self-esteem and self-confidence for academic achievement and overall success in life.

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During a 7-week course 1 x a week in a local 5th grade class near USC, I took these girls on a journey of self-discovery in dignity, consciousness, dream building, culture and manners. The transformation from week 1 to week 7 was awe-inspiring!

So grateful to be part of Jane’s contribution to our society and the world. Many of these girls go onto having a successful college experience and pursue their dreams where had it not been for their CJC journey – their futures would have looked very different!

Susan G. Komen Foundation

In 2003, my path took a dramatic turn when I was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. That of course left me with deep fear and denial, “why me?”

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Within that week after soul searching and looking for the gift in the challenge, I researched the Internet everything I needed to know about this healing journey and reached out to volunteer for SGK Los Angeles affiliate.

A few months later, they appointed me as speaker chair for LA County given my passion for helping women. For six years I proudly spoke to audiences large and small inspiring women to be proactive about their health choices and bodies. I also served on the board for two terms supporting the goals and vision of the local efforts in Los Angeles with Race for the Cure ® events, fashion shows, and other fundraising events.

That one life experience also started my speaking career while expanding my scope for compassion in a way I never dreamed!