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Another life affirming podcast, friends. Ever find yourself underpricing your services? Over-delivering on your promises? Not watching your numbers or being on top of your finances?

I know, it can be daunting. I had an incredibly inspiring discussion with 7-8 figure entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock Entrepreneur~Podcaster~CEO Podopolo on her podcast about money and the pursuit of it.

Even the language around it – is infused with archetypal masculine energy, and today on Wings we discuss how this alienates or intimidates a lot of women, at least subconsciously simply because it clashes with our innate feminine energy and our societal blueprinting.

Listen to learn:

  • How to transform your relationship with money by leveraging your feminine power
  • Why women must learn to “stand for your worth and dignity” so you honor your talents by charging your worth and have empowering money conversations.
  • What challenges women’s relationship with money, including subconscious beliefs from childhood, society, and good intentioned people in your life
  • How to have empowering money conversations without being triggered
  • And much more!

Listen to Wings of Inspired Business #podcast to learn how women in business can change their relationship with money in alignment with innate feminine powers of intuition, empathy, and desires, click here.

Podcast Guest

The wonderful Kendra Swalls has me as her guest on the Girl Means Business Podcast. We talked about Recalibrating Your Money Mindset.

The conversations was all about women’s relationship with money. My brand tag line, “Stand for your worth and dignity” comes from my expertise of transforming your money relationship (habits, behavior and beliefs) so that you honor your talents by charging your worth and have empowering money conversations. With that comes transformation on all levels.

It comes from recalibrating your money story – changing it from imprinted old beliefs from childhood, society and good intentioned people in your life to a relationship that is empowered, abundant and trusting – and learning to have empowering money conversations without being triggered.
It’s the condition of your wealth consciousness and how it affects your sales conversion.

Wealth consciousness means how you are in relationship with money –how you think, feel and act with money – and to what degree it affects your self-worth and value.

Listen to our full conversation, click here.

Podcast Guest

I am so honored to be featured on a recent episode of the Leadership Purpose with Dr. Robin Podcast!

During the episode we talked about using Joy as a success metric.

I go on to explain how following my joy, creativity, and listening to my intuition has impacted my career of over 30 combined years of entrepreneurship, entertainment PR & talent management, personal branding, and so much more.

Listen to our full conversation here.

Podcast Guest

Mary and I had a cozy chat about life, the gift in the challenge with Covid, what brings us joy, my daily craving to live in my creativity and joy, and how I protect that energy. Join us while driving, exercising, cooking, walking!

Listen to our full conversation, click here.

My gracious host, Donna Gammon, host of Power to Grow and owner of Life Healing Solutions & Power To Grow, chatted with me about the absence of joy, creativity, fun, and my intuition in my life that led to major burnout and then breakthrough which transformed my entire life and business. I share with her audience how I made feminine energy and power front and center in how operated. With that, profound changes led me to a life of joy and fulfillment.

Listen to our full conversation by clicking here.

This is a good one for all women entrepreneurs! 

I talked with my wonderful host, Brentney Parks of Total Fit Boss Chick, about how I help my clients collapse the time frame of raising their revenues while leveraging their business in a way that does not burn them out by following their joy, intuition, and working in their zone of genius more often. 

I demystify this by explaining how our practical, logical, and intellectual approach to life is not the only way to achieve desires and goals. That’s part of it. The not so talked about and encouraged part of the equation is our intuition, especially as a woman. The feminine arts is a powerful way to live when we combine a masterful blend of both, masculine and feminine. As a result, you will have a more fulfilled, less stressed and spiritually-rich life and results.

Listen to our full conversation by clicking here.

Podcast Guest

My client, Stacie Poythress, a marketing and event production expert, graciously invited me to be a guest on her non-profit’s podcast, Single Parent Advocate, I was delighted to share my favorite topic of how committing to joy and prosperity as a lifestyle and mindset, can change lives while giving yourself permission to go after your dreams.

I shared how my days of being a single Mom were very challenging emotionally, financially and mentally, but I kept my focus on keeping a positive home environment for my son and teaching him a good work ethic. It’s all we had given our circumstances.

Today, I am proud of who he is as a 30-year-old young man who is self-sufficient in his own Real Estate Investing business. I never have to worry about him. He lives by good values. Thank goodness.
Please join us for a two-part episode Stacie named it, “What Lights YOU Up?”

We cover topics: Positive/No Limits Mindsets, Celebrating Successes, Emotional Intelligence, Work Ethic, Creativity, Compassion, Investing in ourselves, and more

To listen to the full conversation, click here.

Podcast Guest

What’s your take on infusing your brand with social responsibility? Compelling conversation about brand social responsibility with podcast host, Lynn Whitbeck of Petite2Queen

Why should companies concern themselves with social responsibility? Is it about what’s morally right, or would companies see direct benefits, too?

My answer: ALWAYS! It’s morally right as a business to support a cause and give back, donate time, money as part of the eco system in life – giving back is always a good idea.

As a business, your involvement with your chosen cause is excellent social media content positioning you as a compassionate, educated, caring business owner who believes in serving a cause greater than yourself.

How can we do social responsibility?

My answer: Find a cause that is aligned with your values, perhaps something that happened in your own life. For example, when I was diagnosed in 2003 with breast cancer, I chose Susan G Komen LA affiliate to volunteer for and add to my business platform because of my desire to inspire other women to be proactive about their health.

I ended up becoming their volunteer speaker chair for 6 years speaking to audiences small and allege about my survivor story and Komen initiatives. I loved helping women. Lives are changed and you make a difference.

To listen to the full conversation, click here.

Podcast Guest

Do you prefer watching a podcast on YouTube? Got you covered. Lauren Sweeney, B.S., host of RISE UP FOR YOU Podcast, offers phone app audio and YouTube for our recent interview.

Lauren is a Mindset trainer, Core Coach & Trainer, and V.P of Business Development with Rise Up For You company based out of Orange County, CA.

Knowing I was close to launching my own podcast when we recorded this in April, Lauren and I talked about my core topics, Following Your Joy as a Life & Business Strategy, and using your intuition first, then logic, to make decisions at work and in your personal life.

To listen to the full conversation, click here.

Magazine Articles

All year (2020) I was a contributing writer to Sibyl Magazine, an empowering platform for spiritually based high achieving women. You have access to each month’s article. I’d love to know which one spoke to you. Share your thoughts by emailing me at

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December 2020

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November 2020

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Oct 2020

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September 2020

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August 2020

Does Your Creative Spirit Need a Tune-Up? Reboot?

July 2020

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June 2020

My Recipe to Manifesting and Spiritual Surrender

May 2020


april 2020

Are You Ready To Be A Thought Leader?

March 2020

Inspired Action or Massive Action?

february 2020

Transform Your Money Relationship: Heal Your Life

january 2020

Denying Your Desires Will Cost You

Interviews & Features

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February 2021 Voyage LA Trending Stories

Being a native of Los Angeles, I was grateful to be featured in Voyage LA’s local entrepreneurial story section. Although my business brand has evolved since  2021, this will give you a feel for the evolution of an entrepreneur. 

Spring 2020 SDSU Parent Magazine

As an Alumni of SDSU, I have been volunteering for SDSU’s Aztec Mentor Program since 2014 through the career services dept. I was honored to be featured in the Alumni Parent magazine!

IAW keynote

Achieve your one year goals in 6-weeks July 28, 2020

Podcast Guest

I had the privilege of being interviewed by international law of attraction and life coach Nancy Showalter on her popular podcast, Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect. We discussed, “Raise your wealth consciousness for higher sales conversion,” where I shared the truths about your relationship with money and how that affects your sales conversion (revenues). 

Bigger pockets

I’m headed to Las Vegas in October 2019 for one of the Wedding Industry’s biggest national conferences where I’ll be inspiring wedding professionals with my signature talk,”Raise Your Wealth Consciousness for Higher Sales Conversion”

Listen in while Clint Hufft interviews me about this topic and what to expect from the live talk. Click here for the mp3 download

Tenice Holman of Organized to the T

My long time client interviewed me on IGTV about the importance of being organized. I am particular in my environment to be organized and clean except one place I allow myself to be messy. Find out in Parts 1 and 2 of the interview!

SheSpark magazine

Grateful that SheSpark magazine picked up my article, “Why Do I Sabotage My Happiness?” – The Joy Tolerance Factor” – I give you 2 keys to identifying your true JOY for lasting success. Sept 20, 2017

Personal Branding Photography

“One of the top experiences of my career was this full day photo shoot with global personal branding photographer Wendy Yalom while in the richness of gorgeous Florence, Italy during my month long stay. I felt more natural than ever in front of the camera because of her exceptional talent! She brought out the true essence of my spirit and provided so much class and dignity to our day. Her vibrant personality and positive vibe all day long (7 hours and 5 amazing locations!) kept us going as time flew by. My branding has never looked so authentic! Thank you Wendy! Truly top notch.”

Productivity for perfectionists

Marla gives her signature advice on how to overcome your money blind spots as a creative entrepreneur that causes procrastination and she reveals her 6 six secrets of a successful money mindset to radically improve your financial picture.

Enjoy listening to this lively conversation between Marla and Deborah when they dive into “Productivity for Perfectionists: How to Stop Procrastinating, Silence Your Inner Critic and GET IT DONE in 20 Minutes a Day.”

Empowered Living.

Marla taught members of this private community her money breakthrough steps to letting go of a fear-based relationship with money to liberation and confidence.

kick the “starving artist syndrome” to the curb!

Join Molly Mahoney and me for a LIVELY video podcast from her popular Prepared Performer program where we kick the “starving artist syndrome” to the curb! Molly is a vocal performance/creative career coach, and owner of The Prepared Performer. Her energy is contagious as it is entertaining. We talk about:-What it means to be paid for your talents.
-Powerful questions to help you turn around a negative belief about money.
-How to ensure that you get PAID after a gig, without chasing the money. (We’ll be talking more about this one!)

Turning Your Health Challenge Into a Gift with Marla Diann

Join Dr. Meg Haworth and I in an intriguing interview, done on March 24, 2016, for her cutting-edge Get Well Soon podcast series. Our call explores my integrative /holistic approach to branding and entrepreneurship.
My colleague and good friend Dr. Meg Haworth, a Los Angeles based Holistic Psychologist, Nutrition Strategist and Private Celebrity Chef, has an incredible story how she healed herself from years of debilitating health issues that led her to her profession of Integrative Health.She has been helping people for over twenty years heal their health issues via food choices, nutrition, meditation, and mindset using her unique integrative approach to living life with vitality and congruency.

Wise Up & Rise Up! Radio Show

Inspiring radio interview to kick 2015 off with my former client and dear friend LJ Jackson of Personal Power with L.J. Jackson, host and producer of Wise Up & Rise Up! radio show. I reveal my 2 key “Wise Up Tips” to help you rise up to your best self. I’ll tell my story behind the scenes how I turned a BIG challenge into a gift AND the secrets to my reinvention 6 years ago. It’s a doozy!

NBC Radio

Engaging interview on December 1, 2014 with hosts Susan Green, Jim Conaway, and Scot Strategy of Conaway and Conaway Wealth Preservation Strategies company. We discussed my Money Breakthrough strategy leading to a congruent, authentic compelling brand for bigger impact and higher revenues. live 3-4 pm Mondays. The show is aired live online via video each week from KCAA 1050 AM, an NBC affiliate station that serves the Inland Empire Region of Southern California. The show broadcasts to over million people in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties.

One sweet brand magazine

Publisher Barbara Austin of One Sweet Brand magazine brought together 10 brand experts. “Brand Loyalty” was my article.

event planners association

In Aug 2014, EPA featured my “10 Things We love About Sandra Bullock’s Brand” article in their newsletter.

Business Rockstars Radio Show

with Ken Rutkowski (segment is 11 min into show)

The coaching show

Listen in to Doug Foresta, founder of, interview Marla about Embracing Your Spotlight – how to have an impact with your branding.

California Women's Conference Network Radio Show

I’m honored to be interviewed by Michelle Patterson and her California Women’s Conference radio show team of women visionaries who produce the annual conference! We’ll be talking money relationship, branding, innovation and personal growth! All you need to do is download the mp3, click here.

Unstoppable Success Summit

Interview with Katie Goode

Blogtalk Radio with Sara Towe of Authentic You Radio

Sara Towe interviews Marla about the importance of your brand story and why it helps build loyalty.

Social Sandbox with Radio Hosts Kevin McGrew, kathleen ray and jc

I dove in with three diverse perspectives of Social Media. Hosts Kevin, Kathleen and JC asked me questions about “Small Business Marketing Strategies for a Compelling Personal Brand That Makes You Client Attractive.” (60 min) Click here to tune in.

Today's innovative women with cathy alessandra

“Small Business Marketing Strategies for a Compelling Personal Brand That Makes You Client Attractive” (30 min) Click here to tune in.

Ali brown's Elevate Program

2013 June Featured Member Spotlight

Today's Innovative Women Magazine

Featured Expert

“Isn’t it time you stop marketing and start story telling?”


Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect Podcast

I had the privilege of being interviewed by international law of attraction and life coach Nancy Showalter on her popular podcast, Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect. We discussed, “Raise your wealth consciousness for higher sales conversion,” where I shared the truths about your relationship with money and how that affects your sales conversion (revenues).


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