My sweet spot is helping you monetize your stellar talents within a business structure that creates profits.

What I found over two decades is most creatives of any kind are typically not wired to excel in running a business, but their talents are off the charts. That’s the sweet spot I have mastered. Bringing the two together in a dignified, systematic way.

It’s learning a masterful blend of creativity with structure.

Creativity and joy are at the heart of everything I do.

Since 2008 I’ve been helping high achieving creative entrepreneurs and professionals upgrade to the next level of life and business financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Prior to that I had a dynamic, fun, and highly creative 22-year entertainment PR career that included my own PR company where I served celebrities, visual and performing artists.


is it Time for Your TransformatioN?


my passion is to help you…


Cultivate CONFIDENCE when it comes to having empowering money conversations in sales while charging what you are worth and converting that more consistently.


Collapse the time frame of how long you think it will take to increase your revenues while leveraging your business in a way that does not burn you out.


Apply new self-kindness habits so that your relationship with yourself and others transform.


Understand the difference between masculine and feminine traits in business and why is paramount to have a masterful blend of both so that you can make healthier decisions for your well-being and success.


Develop money habits of a high earning creative entrepreneur by learning to make decisions from where you want to be; not where you are.


Apply your genius zone talents to a 7-point metric system that helps you choose daily which projects and actions are worthy of your time. And much more.


How we can work together depending on your needs.

Let’s explore how your next success could happen and if we are suited for each other by filling out an application below to schedule a conversation.

Elite private coaching: a 90-day to 4-month Experience

investment starts at $5500
An in-depth complimentary Discovery call will determine if you qualify and if we are suited for each other.

For the progressive, curious, & mature entrepreneur, emerging entrepreneur, or high-level professional seeking their next level of success, my private 90-day to 4-month coaching programs require a tenacious commitment to transform and achieve your desires and goals.

Before any of that can be determined, please fill out the application using the link below to qualify for a discovery call. We will have a private, complimentary in-depth exploration of where you are to where you desire to be. The questionnaire is designed to reignite your dreams, desires and that which is in need of expressing.

I work and coach by metaphysical principles of Universal law, energy, law of attraction, and visualization with practical guidance. The core of the success and business or career coaching, should we choose to move in that direction, is to first transform your relationship with money so that you make empowered financial decisions, own your true worth (not society’s or someone’s imprint), and learn to engage in empowering money conversations with clients, family members, advisors, experts, and colleagues.

All information is kept strictly confidential. I respect you for desiring the knowledge to expand your successes, increase your business or career growth, and be personally, financially and spiritually fulfilled.

Breakthrough  Private intensive: a half or full day experience

investment starts at $3500
An in-depth complimentary Discovery call will determine if you qualify and if we are suited for each other.

The power and luxury of high-level Intensive Days are the deeper level of transformation that occurs from having uninterrupted, full-immersion, one-on-one attention to thoroughly process any business, personal, spiritual or financial goal, and end with a 90-Day action plan.

Typically, this style of intuitive coaching is for the higher achieving entrepreneur or professional who seeks fast action for a particular goal. With this high-level approach, my experience has seen clients achieve up to three months’ worth of transformation accomplished in a full day Intensive.

Such days are a dynamic gift for high functioning professionals and entrepreneurs to give to themselves. I bring my holistic trademark approach to the luxury session by combining my spiritual, intuitive style with my strategic, hands-on, and systematized expertise to inspire transformation.

Popular topics clients seek mentoring in an intensive are: business growth, qualifying savvy sales system, wealth consciousness, honoring talents by charging their worth, leverage, team hiring and retention, recovering dreams and desires, how to make money with joy instead of stress and struggle, focus strategies, spiritualty, intuition as the lead in decision-making, success mindset and habits, and much more.

You have a choice of virtual or in-person at a luxury location in the Los Angeles area or various locations around the globe depending on Marla’s travel schedule. Fill out the application to qualify for a discovery call to discuss your needs.

the Zen of Abundance &  Prosperity: 6 week group course

investment starts at $997
Transforming your relationship with money.
An in-depth complimentary Discovery call will determine if you qualify and if we are suited for each other.

It’s time to own your worth at whatever level of revenues, income or wealth you currently are living with. The most common challenge creatives have is honoring their talents by charging their true worth. Have you considered changing how you feel, act, and think about money will increase your abundance and prosperity?

This dynamic, highly inspiring 6-week money relationship training addresses this very condition. During the six-week group virtual LIVE training with Marla each week, your current (old) money beliefs, habits and behaviors will be compassionately explored in order to release and then transform them into a new normal that is healthy, productive, confident and empowering. The result is an increased wealth consciousness that feels confident, abundant, and worthy.

Marla aspires for you to have a blessed, thriving, abundant relationship with money so you are rewarded well for your purpose and expertise. No more “just enough” syndrome, caving into discount requests or survival mode. It’s time to feel powerful with money and strengthen your belief in abundant consciousness so that you demonstrate prosperity in your business and life. Course requires a minimum group of 6.

I invite you to download my guide “5 Practical Steps to Get You Started on the Path to Higher Earning Power and Money Breakthrough Checklist” and join the waitlist for the next course.

If you already have a group of 6 or more interested then click here to inquire about doing a private group.

How to create and plan your month-long stay in Italy workshop

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June 1, 2017 was the day my life expanded in ways I would have never imagined. After 20 years of denying my long-held desire to live and work in both USA and Italy (laptop lifestyle), I hit a wall in March 2017 that required deep soul searching for answers.

I hired my coach for a private intensive to recover my dreams and desires. They were lost in the harried-ness of life far too long. I felt like a manufactured version of myself after nine years of running my coaching business.

My coach ignited that long-held desire and helped me plan a first-time month-long stay in Florence, Italy. I was a woman on a mission to make it happen. 45 days later I took off for Rome and Florence, Italy in August 2017 and transformed from the inside out. I experienced my own Eat, Pray, Love journey.

That desire was the seed that launched my new life back then and that is my wish for you. In my upcoming workshop, I inspire and teach HOW I made the leap. We’ll go behind the scenes of what shifted as well as all the details of how to plan your stay so you can make it happen and then do it again and again just like I have.

What’s possible when we work together?

What my clients are saying…

“My business took a hit as a result of Covid, like many businesses. Not exclusive to my business or industry. I was getting frustrated around money. Why is money not coming in? Why can’t I achieve the sales I am accustomed to? Why, why? Then I was referred to Marla from a colleague of mine and that’s when things began to turn around.

Marla pointed out to me I had a block around money. So, I applied the techniques she has taught me in my personal life and business and, a MIRACLE happened, a blessing, a gift! From that point on, April-December 2021, my revenues escalated with ending the year well beyond my financial goals!”

“Core to my money beliefs prior to coaching included the myth that having an abundance of money meant there was a lack of creativity involved. It was an either/or statement. Now, I come from creativity first and truly welcome an abundance of money spearheading my vision.

Marla helped me create both a qualifying sales funnel system to determine the kind of clients I want to work with first and foremost.

I stand for my worth — and am not willing to offer any cut rates, discounts, barters, or negotiated rates. Marla also helped me determine the kinds of strategic offerings that will escalate my business. I have shifted perspective on client engagement because of it.”

"Since implementing my new rates and Marla’s qualifying sales system, I have experienced my highest month of income in my seven years of business at $14,000 in just one month. And we are on track to hit almost that amount again this month!

I am now standing in my worth, believing that I am an expert in my industry, and have established and maintained boundaries with my clients.”

"The two months during the program coincided with my largest earning months of my business to date and I booked my largest jobs to date (2 booking over $4,000 apiece from $2,800 base package price). I made $12k in one weekend. I raised the rates on all of my packages and no one has asked for a discount or tried to negotiate with me on rates.”

"In the brief few weeks, I have acquired 6 new clients at my higher rate, created a strong list of professionals who I have contacted and gained their commitment to providing strong referrals to prospective clients and have developed a higher frequency of self-worth and balance."