Happy September Creatives!

New business quarter to end of the year on a high note!

As I prep to leave for my long-awaited two-week vacation to Italy, I desire for you to acknowledge yourself for all the commitment to your desires, dreams, and goals.


For a moment right now, take a deep breath, put down all your devices and say gratitude for all you have done in your business and life. It’s a “stop and smell the roses” moment.

I attended a memorial and life celebration service Sunday evening for a dear friend who passed away suddenly from a heart condition. He was ONLY 59. He was one of my creative friends I knew since junior high school. Family man. Devoted father and husband. Amazing lifestyle and wedding photographer. Gone. Just like that.

My heart hurts so much for his wife and sons.

Life takes on a different priority when these experiences show up. Don’t they? So, here is a list of rewards to ponder and take action on, ok? (Thanks Jack Canfield for the inspo!)

Take music or acting lessons just for the fun of it and connection to your artistry

Have a blessed week. Watch for photos from Italy!