Living a creative life is an amplified life. You ready?

Are you familiar with international best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert? Does EAT, PRAY, LOVE ring a bell? Life changing book and expert.

If you are unfamiliar – she is the author of that amazing book which was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. Even though Elizabeth had been writing successfully for years prior to that win, it was that one book that placed her on the map making her the Queen of empowerment and artist recovery.

She since wrote another best seller that we will dive into today, BIG MAGIC: Creatively Living Beyond Fear.

Know of it?

In 2016, she released this remarkable book to help all types of artists regain footing from fear, uncertainty and self-sabotage. One of my favorite quotes of hers is “Living a creative life is an amplified life.”

She is so kind and elegant in her approach to helping her readers and audience break through fears that tend to stop and paralyze the artist. I picked up this book after many months of people recommending it.

Not until I needed a serious creative breakthrough these past few weeks did I buy it and begin devouring her wisdom and kindness. She is one remarkable writer and advocate for artists!

Let’s dive into her profound perspective on where ideas come from. You gotta love this as much as I do. She writes and I paraphrase:

“I believe creativity is a force of enchantment – not entirely human in its origin (i.e. spiritual energy). I believe the creative process is both magical and magic. Ideas are part of our energetic Universe (made of vibrations). Ideas are an energetic life-form flowing and swirling around us moment by moment. Ideas are separate from us but totally capable of interacting with us. Ideas are driven by a single impulse to be made manifest.

They search for an available and willing human partner to bring the idea to the world. I call this partner “Source” but you can call it whatever is best for you. When an idea thinks it has found somebody who might be able to bring this thing (idea) to the world, it will pay you a visit. It will try to get your attention.

Usually you won’t notice because you are weighed down by your own dramas, responsibilities, anxieties, distractions, and such making you not receptive to inspiration. You are not in the zone to receive it because we are usually occupied by all that.

The idea will try to wave you down maybe for weeks, a few months or even a few years. It finally gets the message and moves onto someone else more open and available.

But sometimes rarely, but magnificently, there comes a day when you are open and relaxed enough to receive it. You find yourself having those signs of synchronicity – the chills down the arm, hairs standing up on the back of your neck, or that feeling of falling in love when inspiration lifts you to a higher level.

Then it will ask “Do you want to work with me?” and at that point you have a choice to say yes or no.”

Beauty, what do you do in that instant? How does your artist, creative-self respond?

Post below something juicy for me to read!

Your creative muse,

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