She lives her life richly fulfilled. Who is she?

The fall season begins next week! Do you have your plans mapped out for the last quarter or are you relying on your beautiful intuition to make choices that feel joyful, in alignment and inspiring? The latter is the new women’s leadership style.

On Saturday I arrived back home after an extraordinary life altering 27 days in Florence and Rome, Italy. Some of you may have been following my journey on IG and FB – perhaps you witnessed the progression of my change mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So much that – I developed a new brand and theme to my business.

My intention for taking this trip to begin my laptop lifestyle was using this as a way to up-level myself and my business.

Mission accomplished.

Nothing like living a month in a foreign country with foreign language, new culture, customs and new people to create a vulnerability that primes you for change.

(Villa Cora, Florence, Italy Aug 19, 2017)

It’s in the awkwardness of not knowing the basics of everyday life that humbles you creating a fertile ground for personal growth.

And that’s an understatement!

So in my trademark style “Personal growth always precedes business growth” – I have a new brand platform I’d like your feedback on because it has your name and essence written all over it!

In my eyes, many of the entrepreneurial women in my community are “The NEW Renaissance Woman seeking a life richly fulfilling.”

How do I know? We resonate in similar ways more than you may realize. (Hint: ideal client profile tip).

My experience in Italy helped me get quiet enough to listen within. To help me help you, please read the following qualities I have come up with so far as the NEW Renaissance Woman. Then if you would be so kind – share below with me which ones you relate with and which ones you want to add to the list. And then request to join my NEW Renaissance Woman Facebook Global community! Click here

Let’s champion you to be…

The NEW Renaissance Woman


Unapologetic for going after her dreams and desires.

Continues to strengthen her a wealth conscious.

She is brave.

In relationship with her intuition for business AND personal life.

She is always learning, forever the student.

Deep desire to feel vibrant and alive again.

She is up to big things in the world in her own way on her own terms.

Desires the “wow factor” present in her life and business.

A visionary and thought leader not consumed by being liked; but being respected.

She takes a stand to uplift humanity.

Courageous with her decisions that place her out of her comfort zone.

Seeking to either define or recover her dormant dreams to live a life fulfilled.

She is kind.

She is considerate.

She is unpretentious.

Compassionate and loving (much less judgmental of herself and others).

Solid boundaries to preserve her dignity.

She is artistic.

She is cultural.

A willingness to improve her perspective.

She is dignified.

She is conscious of owning her worth and value.

She is protective of her self-care.

She uses her power for good in the world.

She gets what her purpose is well beyond the obvious life she lives.

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Blessings and love,