Personal growth always precedes business growth.

This is one of my signature affirmations I teach my clients. Most of my clients in my community are heart-centered and spiritual. They learn during their coaching program that their business idea originates from their soul and their passions. It’s an expression of who they are. They are inspired ideas.

It follows then when we personally evolve – our business evolution follows.

A practical description to that is: when we transform how we make decisions around our worth, boundaries, value and time – we up-level our business.

It’s to any entrepreneur’s advantage to focus on personal development as part of their business growth. Yes, the marketing tools and strategies are important; but it’s you that pulls the trigger.

If you find yourself stuck in a certain phase in your business or goals – it’s not necessarily a strategy, online tool or fancy system that will do the trick. It’s usually your mindset, habits or behaviors needing nurturing, attention and transformation.

For example – so proud of one of my clients in my Spring 2017 90-Day group coaching program who was stuck at a certain income level. Not until we worked through his money relationship challenges and mindset around his worth and value – did he breakthrough into higher rates and a savvier approach to securing better quality clients. (This can happen for you, too!)

“Knowing my value in terms of pricing and holding firm on my pricing was one of the most profound changes in my mindset during Marla’s group coaching program. The increase in my pricing was a long-time coming, but Marla helped me make sense of it and be confident in my new rates.

Marla’s consistent empowering truth – “You cannot grow your business until you grow yourself” was also profound for me. Simply put, I have to grow as a person before my business can grow. Self-care.

I had leftover issues from when I was a child and my father would take my money and put what I had earned up on the family calendar. Marla helped me work through that and get past it. The combination of this and the concept of staying firm with my rates and knowing my value has transformed my money relationship.”

Amani Roberts, The Amani Experience DJ/Producer/Educator

I know it’s not comfortable to face these behaviors and mindset. And then there’s the requirement to take action. This change requires a courageous heart to make the leap into the next level. I won’t sugarcoat this. It’s not easy; but it’s your path to a fulfilling, joyful life and business.

It’s essential if you are to grow on all levels personally and professionally. Or we can stay stuck and wonder why.

I know from the depths of my heart – you have what it takes to make the change. Wrap your heart and soul around trust, faith and a vision.

And find a compassionate, wise mentor.

My Own Leap of Faith

I’m in the middle of my own transformation leaping into the unknown when I chose to step out of my comfort zone to finally go after my dream life living and working in USA and Italy.

I’m sitting here in my roomy modern Florence apartment writing this to you as I navigate a new way of life. This part of the world is stunning! Yet, I still need to learn the daily basics. Here’s how the laptop lifestyle looks like:

I spent all day last Saturday in Tuscany touring the gorgeous countryside. Then all afternoon Sunday I worked and prepped for the week. I have client sessions and marketing to do this week. Most of today working and about ready to call it a long day and go to Duomo City Center for fresh air and fun.


Trust me, I’m not living as a tourist. I’m integrating life as a Florentine. It has its vulnerable awkward moments like how do I buy groceries? How do I operate this washing machine? How do I deal with the darn mosquitoes? My fav vegan cafe is now closed for summer till August 27. Locals take holiday in August except the tourist areas. All these small shops are closed till late August. Thanks goodness for my niece who lives here part time. She’s been a Godsend helping me understand this new culture!

Even a year ago – six months ago this was only a dream. I encourage you to go for your dreams and goals NOW.

Not when it’s convenient. You have a fulfilling life waiting for you. Let’s get it done together

Blessings from Italy!