When I took my first self-development course back in 1986 it completely changed my life. Not only did I come out of the “clouds” about who I was and my truth for the first time in my life – but I found my love of human potential at 25 years old.

It was that course, Lifespring, that changed the trajectory of my life.

Incredible. From the point on – I always looked for new courses, inspirational speakers and authors to quench my thirst for personal development.

It was in that early journey I heard along the way – “Are you a balcony or basement person?” The meaning was profound.

Do you cheer people on and support them in their dreams, goals, and being the best they can be even in times of struggle and uncertainty?

Or when you get honest and look at your actions – are you secretly a basement person who hesitates to give people acknowledgment for their successes because of your own challenges in belief and trust?

Supporting another’s success won’t hinder your own.

(Photo: My new Italian coaching colleague – we spent 2 hours sharing our transformational journeys while sitting in her local Piazza a few weeks ago in Florence, Italy)

I know I am probably singing to the choir on this – however, I know there are times each of us hesitate to be that cheerleader due to our own lack of self-esteem requiring a dose of love.

When we come from a place of collaboration rather than competition; our lives become richer, more joyful and certainly more meaningful.

Share with me your thoughts on this. Do you have a story to share? Coach’s request for this week and beyond: Make a conscious effort to be a balcony person for everyone in your life. Be known as the positive force in small and large ways.

Be the balcony person you were meant to be and watch how life becomes magical.