Are you aware of your tolerance level to JOY and HAPPINESS?

Did you know you have either a low or high tolerance for consistent joy and happiness in your life? It’s similar to our tolerance level to pain and stress; but think positive vs negative.

Most people have a low tolerance to consistent joy. In other words, they can only tolerate so much joy, good, abundance, love, money, health, and happiness.

Huh? Yep. I know. Us crazy humans! This is fascinating. Read on.

Did you know that we are wired to have a certain tolerance (inner barometer) for how much joy, good, and happiness we can stand in our lives at one time?

For example, how many times have you had a moment or even a few days where you felt grateful for all the things going well in your life – you were feeling pretty darn good about your personal life, work, health, relationships, money… and then not too long after that you create some level of drama in your relationship with a spouse, money, business, co-worker, relative, mentor, or friend. You create a scenario that illuminates feelings of worry, doubt, fear, distrust, etc. You went from elation to Debbie Downer in a matter of moments or hours.

What’s up with that?

It’s a common issue with most humans. We are programmed to sabotage too much good in our life. We tend to not be able to sustain all the good so we create a scenario to pull us back to our “normal” state of worry, fear, and doubt.

Crazy, right? There is a solution.

I created a NEW method called “Joylation GPS Method.” I help clients identify their negative pattern via various exercises to then recalibrate a #newnormal of joy and happiness, which is where your genius lies. As a success coach, I desire for you to live and work from your genius most of the time.

Why? It’s when we are the happiest and most productive using our God-given gifts. We contribute more to the world from that place and are compensated the highest and most consistent. (That means you need to A.D.D. more – automate, delegate or delete)

For starters, share with me below what you think is your negative pattern that puts a halt to your happiness and joy. Describe a scenario where you moved from elation to worry and skipped being in JOY for very long.

This is a life game changer.

I’m offering 45 min discovery “Joylation” calls to see how far on the scale are you to joy or worry and options to change it! Send an email to my team to schedule yours.

How about a #newnormal for how much joy and happiness you can stand?

To your JOY and Abundance!

Blessings and love,

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