Summer is here and I am loving it! You, too? Life is good and I am grateful. Stick with me – I’ve got plenty to share!

I know intellectually you get how powerful it is to be conscious of the words you choose to speak at any given time. But do you actually pay attention and correct yourself when you say things like “I can’t” “I’m not good at…”

“I wish” “I want” I’m not capable…” and so on.

The words we speak about ourselves have incredible impact on our consciousness and the results we create in our life.

Your mind is your most powerful tool. When we speak in the now we create an intention as if whatever we desire to be, do, or have is already complete. That’s how we partner with the unseen forces and put our brain to work on a solution or manifesting a result. It’s the law of attraction.

The best habit to form around this is to journal several times a week the following content…

Finish the sentence:
  • I can
  • I love
  • I align with
  • I enjoy
  • I desire
  • I believe
  • I am
  • I am grateful for

​This simple but profound journaling works. Don’t let the simpleness of it fool you. It’s a BIG deal.

Notice that the phrase, “I want” is not on this list. That phrase speaks a sense of lack in the realm of Universal energy (the unseen forces) and in our minds because it represents not having but always in a place of wanting. (Make sense?) If there is something you desire, the more effective way to align with a high vibe (that helps you manifest) is “I have” or “I am” and the above list.

Here’s a simple but profound challenge for you this week…. Journal each phrase above every day for 7 days. You could even put your “I am…” phrase of the day on a post it note on your desk. The more you see it the more you believe it.

At the end of the 7 days I want you to evaluate – did you feel an emotional difference? Did what you put out in the universe come to fruition? Are you even just one step closer?

If you feel so inspired share them with me by taking a picture of your post it note or journal and share it to Instagram and Facebook using #MarlaDiannBrandChallenge. Tag me so I can give you some social media love.

Let’s celebrate your new consciousness!

Blessings for an extraordinary week,