Clear boundaries!

So, how are your boundaries lately? Well, it’s a New Year! Time to reset, recommit, or commit to new boundaries in these areas:

Self. Personal time. For example: Does your family, clients, friends and team know your morning rituals? Are you committed to your own quiet time in the am to set the tone for the day?

Calendar. Do your team and clients know the days and times you are only available? The days you designate for creative uninterrupted time? Did you stop booking back-to-back meetings with no breathing space in-between? Give yourself at least 30 minutes in-between meetings or phone calls. Stop the insanity! Plus it’s not fair to the person you are talking with. They feel rushed and hurried.

If you work at home (most do) – does your family or loved ones know when not to interrupt you or talk to you during work hours or creative time?

Do you have clear texting boundaries with clients, family and team in regard to time of day, response time and what is considered urgent?

Project or events: Do you give yourself quiet time without interruptions while preparing for an event or client meeting? What about self care time after a long event or project?

Then there’s money boundaries. No buying into people’s money story during sales process. Remember their money stuff has no bearings on your value and worth! Ask for your real rates and stick with it.

How long will you tolerate someone owing you money? (I know this can be tough but it’s a money leak in your cash-flow). It matters. Why? Because if you don’t clear this up by breaking through the issue – other areas of your life will also be challenged by this behavior. You deserve people honoring a commitment.

These are just a few of many boundaries to review going into the New Year. You deserve good boundaries. It leads to a ton of self-respect and happiness.

It’s the best self-care reaping beautiful rewards!

Loads of love,