You have a creative spirit in you regardless of your profession. How often do you nurture it?

How often do you allow your intuition and creative spirit to lead in your daily business, career, and personal decisions?

When you are aware of what feeds your spirit, and follow that with actions, you will thrive.

This is my deepest passion in life to live this and inspire others to do the same.

Listening to and feeding my spirit is how I manifest joy more consistently. As a result, success suited for me happens naturally.


When we ignore or neglect our intuition and creativity, we lack the high vibration needed to attract and manifest our dreams and desires.

The best way to heal your life, heal your business or career, heal your body, heal your money relationship, heal your heart, is to listen to your intuition, that which brings you the most joy, and take action.

Much like I have done at various times in my own life, have you neglected your joy and what fed your creative spirit? Instead, we choose to live society’s expectations and live by logic and practicality. No fault of our own.

We push through life with a sense of duty and responsibility. We endure life rather than living it. That leaves us temporarily starved for vitality, love, and enjoyment, even if on the outside it “looks” like we are successful.

If this resonates, you have become hardened and insensitive to your spirit, and as a consequence, you are cut off from the gifts the Universe has to offer by manifesting the people, ideas, opportunities, synchronicities, and financial resources you desire.

I know. I was there in 1996, 2006, and 2017.

I felt like a manufactured version of myself. I was cut off from my creativity and my spirit and what fed my heart and soul. I was directed by my intuition and creative spirit to take a leap of faith and honor what lit me up, and as a result I changed my life joyfully all three times!

To live an authentic, THRIVING creative life and business, you must honor your spirit by what brings you the most joy and what nourishes you at the core.

Starting now, recognize what makes you come alive.

Honoring your creative spirit puts you into play, imagination, creativity, adventure, laughter, fun, and spontaneity mode. This is where creation is born; new ideas. Your heart re-opens to your intuition. Ignites the child within you. Inspires emotional intelligence. Heals your soul.

Just for the fun of it, how about you…

1. Enroll in an artisanal chocolate making class. Everyone deserves chocolate!

2. Learn how to play an instrument (guitar, piano, drums?) Einstein would play his violin to get unstuck while trying to create a formula.

3. Learn the art of virtual reality, augmented reality and/or extended reality – the metaverse.

4. Learn a new romantic language. It will open your heart.

5. Take voice lessons to sing. You may have a Sheryl Crow or John Mayer hiding!

6. Enroll in a gourmet cooking class for the holidays – Wow your family!

7. How about a tango dance class? That will change the molecules in your body. Your spirit will come alive!

8. Find an unusual local or travel experience at Airbnb, Viator, or Withlocals. Biking around the vineyards in San Ynez Valley, CA. Walking food tour in Florence, Italy. Hot air balloon ride in Montana over National Glacier Park

9. Enroll in an art class with pastels, oils, or watercolor. This is beautiful therapy for your heart and soul.

10. Enroll in a floral design class to spark your creativity!

Which one will you do? Share below in the comments and let me know. I want to support you in living a creative life!

Ready to experience life changing shifts by diving deeper into your creativity? Email to begin a conversation with me about how that looks.

To your creative life and spirit,