I think you’ll find this fascinating.

Traditionally a year prior to graduating college and then immediately beyond, our young, driven graduates are in the midst of strategically preparing resumes, learning interview etiquette, networking and assertively sending out resumes in hopes of finding that “dream” first real job.

Then there’s the new genre – Generation Z. Have you heard?

Coming up fast behind the Millennials, Gen Z is defined as people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s made up 25% of the U.S. population, making them a larger cohort than the Baby Boomers and Millennials.

“Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020, according to statistics compiled by Fast Company. Born after 1995, this new generation rivals the ever-popular millennials and consists of a new breed of consumers. If marketers thought they threw out the playbook with millennials, they need to know that Gen Zers aren’t even playing on the same field.” – Ad Age magazine

Meet Michelle. I had the privilege of mentoring her last semester through my Alma Mater’s Aztec Mentor Program. I’ve been a mentor since 2014 inspiring and guiding these bright, high achieving women SDSU students. It’s such a feel good to be there for these young women! As Michelle completed her last semester, we developed her first business venture.  

She chose me from a site of mentors because she clearly was not going the traditional route of “finding a job.” She wanted an entrepreneur to show her the way. She is highly creative and innovative. That job thing just would not do for her. So she smartly chose a creative woman business owner mentor to guide her through the beginnings of her entrepreneurial journey. Michelle is hands down a Gen Z to the T. You can read about our four months together and her success here.

I just accepted another Gen Z senior at SDSU to mentor for this fall semester. Elaina is just as driven if not more! She shared with me her vision for a more humanistic social site for creatives that focuses on “real” life rather than the diluted facade social sites we experience today. She is another future leader I am grateful to inspire and guide into the next chapter of her life.

These young entrepreneurs are coming up in droves. I’m on the front lines with these future leaders and I say WOW. Watch out.

Why do I share this?  It’s time to UP your game. Innovation is happening all around you. Are you poised and positioned to win?  

Q4 is coming to a close. 2019 is around the corner. Are you clear on how to succeed in both?

A few times a year, I offer two-hour full-immersion sessions for the global high achieving creative entrepreneur seeking fast solutions.

In our private two-hour 1-1 Zoom video session from anywhere in the world, we creatively discover habits, behaviors and mindset that may have been diluting the power of your decision-making and results.

We look for ways to disrupt your old patterns, design a new approach to your marketing, branding, sales, leadership, or cultivating the right relationships and bring you to a new level to THINK and ACT DIFFERENTLY. We identify your GENIUS Zone to help you live and work in your sweet spot more often!

It’s the right time to clear the clutter and make room for upcoming good fortune, prime opportunities, and quality relationships.

Whether you are in between coaches, seeking a new one, or wanting to experience the first time having a mentor, this is your chance. I several spots available for my VIP Private Intensive Sessions on Zoom video.

Let’s talk about the “What If” in a qualifying call to see if you are a fit for this type of mentoring.

Once qualified for the session, you will be offered the incentive rate of $750 good till Nov 1. Beyond the expiration date, the rate increases to $1,000. You may schedule your VIP session now through Nov 30.

Please email your request for a qualifying call to support@marladiann.com.
I’m here to serve! And gladly. 🙂
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