Higher self respectDid you know when you unblock and clear low money energy (That's money clutter of guilt, shame, lack mindset, worry, doubt, fear, etc.) and replace it with a new belief, behaviors and meaning, you raise your vibration that attracts new ideas and higher creativity?


I call those “Divine Downloads” and they will change your business and life.


The journey goes like this: clear up the money stuff and be ready for brilliant branding and business ideas (and of course more money) to come flowing in! I have seen client after client become stunned at the beautiful ideas they start manifesting for their re-branding after they breakthrough to a new belief, behavior and meaning about money. Major shifts occur. They see a bigger vision for their business and their branding content becomes more authentic and real.


I love how that happens, don’t you? (Being a branding mentor – this is KEY for business owners)


Money habit # 1: Did you know clients secretly respect you when you have strong boundaries around money? A common scenario goes like this:


You just invested a few productive calls over a week with what appears to be an ideal prospective client. Then she or he drops the bomb…“can you offer a discount on that?” What do you say or feel? Do you cave in and offer something for fear of losing that potential client? (Some may ask for trade and that is a whole other article about the undercurrent of trade.)


The empowering approach is to stay strong in your reply and know your value and worth. You can reply with, “Why do you ask?” And then allow them to explain their “money” situation trying to convince you of their challenge. This is where you stand strong and respond with, “I respect that. I don’t offer discounts on my services because I know the impact of my expertise will improve your (fill in the blank) and that’s worth your (fill in). Which package (service) best fills your need for (their need you have been talking about in the previous calls)?”


The conversation can keep going with more objections. The point I am making here is when you have great boundaries with money – not only will they respect you more, but if they are the right client – this will challenge them to rise to the occasion and hire you. Ideal clients value the expertise of professionals and will pay what your worth without question. (You may want to re-read that last sentence)


Money habit #2: Do you find yourself making a prejudgment whether someone can afford your services or products?


The plain and straight forward answer to that is – you don’t have the right to decide for someone else what they can or cannot afford. Only they can. It’s your obligation to offer them the service or product that you know can change their situation. People will always find the money they need for something they truly want and is in alignment with their goals. Allow them the choice.


These two scenarios are examples of many versions of “boundary” issues with self and money regardless of your income level. This can happen to high level income earners, too. It’s not exclusive to certain income earners.


I’m extremely passionate about empowering women to be in a healthy, clean, clear, respectful relationship with money so they live with higher self-esteem, higher revenues, and make better choices for their personal and business lives. I know that can be a scary thing to confront. I understand.  But what is the alternative? Keep tolerating less than desirable results or the hits on your self-esteem?  


You deserve to be a confident, assured, savvy woman business owner with strong money boundaries. It’s your birthright. We just need to be re-calibrate our new normal.


I have three available spots for a “money legacy” call where we take an honest look at your old patterns and find empowering alternatives for being in a respectful, joyful relationship with money. There are so many serendipities of clearing your money stuff.


Then we see if you are a fit for the extraordinary Money Breakthrough program that helps you create a New Money Legacy for you and your family.


What’s that worth?


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Let’s do it. Would also love your thoughts on the money habits. Comment below how these have an impact on your life.


Abundance & gratitude,