Good day Creatives!

 Have you heard of Lisa Nicols?

 She’s a brilliant, world renowned speaker, author and humanist. If you saw the 2006 film, THE SECRET, she made her global debut being featured along with a dozen or so self-development/metaphysical leaders like Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, and more.

 Today, she is a multi-millionaire and business owner based in San Diego changing lives through her passion in speaking. Her specialties are speaking, business strategy, and communication.

 I watched her masterclass “4 Secrets to Powerful Communication” recently and walked away with several inspiring golden nuggets.

 In my personal branding coaching, I use the power of emotional resonance as a platform for composing your compelling brand story. It’s about the struggle to victory story that connects you to your audience for lasting impact and memory. It’s all about the story and capturing your audience’s attention.

 As a former publicist, journalist and storyteller, I have used this strategy for its authenticity and vulnerability for three decades to write compelling core brand stories.

 Lisa shares a similar strategy with her own unique, powerful approach. She is captivating and profound in her delivery in how to be an unforgettable speaker and connector.

 Sign up for her free masterclass here.

 It’s so worth the time.

Loads of love,