In my morning ritual of reading uplifting content, journaling and meditation, I found the journal entry from my extraordinary 5-star experience shooting my new brand photos in Florence, Italy with the world-renowned photographer Wendy K. Yalom. I was in Florence for a month living and working August 2017.

That day was truly one of those top 5 highlights in life where it left an imprint on your memory and heart. I thought it would be a treat to read what really happens behind the scenes of a destination brand photoshoot with a brilliant photographer making dreams comes true!

This entry was dated August 16, 2017 in Florence, Italy. I share this to encourage you to always update your photos at least annually to uplevel your business and brand. This shoot was the beginning of a re-brand that became my most authentic personal brand to date.

“Incredible day! The photo shoot was absolutely one of the best days of my life. The classy, high frequency, upscale treatment from Wendy – who was amazing all day with her beautiful happy energy and five-star treatment made the whole day beyond description!

As I was taking my walk in the nearby park before Wendy came – I ran into her there – our first meeting was so awesome in the park! We walked back to my Airbnb apartment and began pulling together my outfits. She took photos and planned my outfits for each location as Silvia, the sweet makeup artist from Milan, did an amazing job on hair and makeup.

Roberto was waiting outside for in his Mercedes to chauffeur us all day to five incredible locations. Wendy surprised me by keeping the locations a secret till we arrived.

Villa Cora – my dream location – it was a huge surprise! I had visioned this location just days
prior not knowing she chose this! Out of this world gorgeous and classy! Wearing my leopard
top and black pants and black boots – perfect.

Bardini Villa and Garden – the amazing view of Florence and the photos in the green walkway – stunning! Wearing jeans, blue fav top, colorful tassel necklace and tan fun shoes.

Four Seasons
– gorgeous – we had lunch in the stunning lounge – sitting in the corner booth with us three enjoying the magnificent hotel. Then it was off to the garden for photos in my black silk pants and artsy top working on my laptop at the table with cappuccino wearing beautiful magenta lipstick!

We shot another outfit – my fav orange dress sitting on the tan & white couch sipping soda water and using my phone.

Piazza del Duomo! Then it was off to my fav place – Duomo piazza wearing my jeans and black flowing top with the cool sleeves and my new Zara black pumps and the fun turquoise purse with the colorful strap! Amazing! We took photos in the middle of the Piazza with all the tourists and then moved to the side area with beautiful lighting. I felt like a movie star! Wendy and her high energy making you feel so special.

Finally, we ended the miracle day with sunset photos on the bridge near Ponte Vecchio wearing my fun black layered dress with pretty black shoes. Gorgeous feeling on the bridge – with the incredible Florence building lining the river and Ponte Vecchio as back drop to my beyond amazing day. I cried while on the bridge how happy I was that the dream came true – here I was in my fav place in the world with my new branding photos standing on the bridge in the city of Renaissance!

Thank you God for this miracle. I sit here in my Florence apartment after a dream come true day with an amazing photographer going to dreamy locations fit for a Queen! My NEW RENAISSANCE WOMAN brand was born. Keep it coming God!”

And so it was. I had never felt so well taken care by a professional. Ladies, this experience is not just a photoshoot; it’s a VIP 5-star experience worth its weight in gold. Forever.

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