Let’s look at a very common, not so comfortable, condition called The Imposter Syndrome. Believe it or not, with a compassionate heart, I come across this in various ways while coaching creatives from time to time. If this is you – you are not alone.

What is Imposter Syndrome? Feeling like you don’t deserve the recognition or accolades given to you due to a belief system that is undermining your truth and brilliance. Here’s an interesting take on this…

I had a profound realization as I listened to my client recently explain how they were not sure how to measure their talent over and above the money they create when there were awards and accolades in the equation. In other words, did the awards really measure his/her talent?

How much truth and validity are there in awards? Do they really measure your talent or is it more of a PR platform for the hosting organization to rightfully commend their members?

I am a BIG believer in recognition. It builds loyalty to an organization and peer validation. I say please graciously accept the award as a beautiful recognition of your hard work and integrity, and by all means use it in your branding! There is a ton of power in brand perception and positioning.

But when it comes to truly measuring your talent (and happiness), read on for my answer that is tried and true.

Making your awards and accolades known to your community is a smart move; however, this can also feel a bit deceptive in how you measure success. This leads some creatives I have coached to question whether the awards really represent their true talent. This can create an “imposter syndrome” mindset.

Here’s the solution. The pure way of measuring your talent and knowing you are living in integrity is how often you are in your genius zone. That’s a true measure of joy, happiness and your brilliant talents.

And that’s the truth. If you want a sincere measure of your talent, use the metric of frequency of being in your genius zone. Your happiness, life fulfillment, and higher income will be the proof in the puddin’.

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Let it be so. I believe in you,