Imagine 1:1 attention for a ½ or full day with a wise, compassionate mentor uninterrupted to elegantly examine what is holding you back from excelling in your business, living your dreams, or being the best you know you can be.

That is a Private VIP Intensive and you are worth every second of it.

I share below my experience being on the receiving end of one by my mentor. It’s a major game changer and FAST.

Here’s what happens. We dive into your most pervasive topic that will move you out of frustration, maybe fear, uncertainty and confusion to confidence, new joy, proficiency and clarity to move you to your next level.

There’s more.

A standard in life… personal growth ALWAYS precedes business growth. That is a solid pillar in my holistic coaching approach. A one-day or half day intensive are perfect for creative business owners who can see and feel that next level of success but have no idea how to get there.

Or, intensives are wonderful for those who have been following me and want to have a first experience before moving into a lengthier program.  Intensives are for fast action and fast growth. It’s the 1:1 attention you may have been desiring and may not have considered giving yourself that rare gift.

Here’s what happened to my life.

On June 1st, 2017 my life took a major shift in mindset, heart, and purpose with a private intensive with my mentor.   I chose to invest in myself to shift in such a way that I believed I could have a laptop lifestyle business integrating my love of travel, luxury, culture and the wow factor with my love of coaching and transformation!

My happiness now translates to even higher level coaching and more profound results for my clients; and designing destination retreats in Florence, Tuscany, Positano, and Paris starting in 2018.

Now more than ever I’m ready to help you have the breakthrough you have been craving to pursue all the creative endeavors your heart desires.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing my journey in a couple of videos, in case you missed them, watch below.

In the videos you’ll find out what I’m SO excited about, the transformation that just occurred, and how it impacts you as one of my creative entrepreneurs.

Remember that you are worth it. You are the best investment you can place your money on.

Wondering how to get started?

1st begin with a discovery call to see if you are a fit and preview of what will happen in the luxury of 1:1 attention in a private intensive.

If you join me for an intensive expect a high level of transformation because of the thoroughness and momentum built in a concentrated amount of time.

Possible reasons and types of entrepreneurs who would benefit from a discovery call leading to a private intensive:

  • Women business owners needing to infuse new ways of making money with JOY. (This was BIG for me — I needed to find ways that lit me up to make money that was meaningful/purposeful. You, too?)
  • A deep desire to living your dream life and showing up as a bright, ALIVE, authentic brand that inspires others as you become a sought out leader in your industry.
  • A business woman who is ready for her new chapter and recovery of her dreams needing direction and accountability. (VERY popular request)
  • Partners in a business needing clarity from a pervasive challenge.
  • Team private intensives are fantastic to rebuild trust and proficiency.

It’s YOUR time.

If you don’t already have a mentor and know deep down inside your dreams and desires are meant to be expressed not suppressed, then give yourself the gift of booking a complimentary call with me.

Over a mindful conversation together we’ll uncover your buried desires. It’s common. In the doings of life – we forget our heartfelt dreams and desires or make them less of a priority. I’m here to shine the light on them for you to get reconnected. Your desires are real and meant specifically for you. Let’s talk about the “What If” your desires were possible in your call.

Click here to email my team to schedule your 1:1 call with me. I love bringing out the brilliance in women. Let it be you this time.

I’m SO looking forward to meeting you!

Blessings for an extraordinary week,