With travel comes new experiences, new cultures and new mindset shifts. It’s for those reasons there is a trend happening in the world with those who have a love for human potential and self-development. It’s called transformational travel.

The ancient poet, Rumi, has a beautiful quote that speaks well to this – “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

Famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge/Arno River, Florence Italy

The experience is very empowering because it causes you to re-look at your life and do some serious self-discovery! I have certainly had my share of new experiences, new cultures and new mindset shifts especially in how to live life differently – like a Florentine. I came up with 10 simple truths I learned in the last 3 weeks while here (1 more week to go!) in how living like an Italian will cause reflection and change. After reading these, I’d love your comments below. Which two or three were favorites of yours?

10 Simple Truths Living Like an Italian!

1. Slow down. Play more. Ride a bike. Drive a Vespa.

2. Enjoy life. Stop working so hard. Trust the money will be there.

3. Meals made from scratch will heal your body and soul.

4. Take 2-3 weeks off in August to enjoy time with self, family, and travel.

5. Vision and design BIG art and architecture but live a simple, uncomplicated life. That’s abundance.

6.La Famiglia is key to a quality life. Be kind to each other. Be loyal. Eat dinner together. Laugh.

7. Sip and drink good wine with friends often under the moonlight in an outside cafe.

8. Walk to the grocery store. Choose plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

9. Embrace romance as if your well-being depended on it. Because it does.

10. Wash your clothes with fabric softener. Hang dry in the sun. Dryers are for convenience and use a ton of energy. Use that energy bill you would have paid for finer things in life. Like travel.

Let’s discover your next success!

Blessings from Italy!