Buon Giorno!

20 years ago I began a dream to work and live in two places – Italy and California. Everyone in my life came to know this. I kept talking about it year after year. Dreaming of someday…

Initially I just wanted to travel to Italy filling my heart with the culture, art, people, language, food and architecture. I was so drawn to that place. Then the dream became bigger thanks to writer/author Frances Mayes of “Under the Tuscan Sun.” What woman didn’t want that adventure?

I was so inspired to live like Frances. She was a writer. I was a writer. She loved Italy. I did, too. She made a duo life between USA and Italy going back and forth living a dream life. Me, too please.

More years passed and I was no closer to making that dream come true than when I started. But, my journal entries were abundant with how life would be like in romantic Italy someday. And I kept at it for two decades till I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to breakthrough to my desires and dreams and stop living in fear, doubt and hesitation. (Imagine that?! Me?)

On June 1, 2017, twenty years later, I hired my coach to help me recover my dreams and desires lying dormant in my heart after so many years of life having its way with me. I know I deserved this duo life, but I had no idea how to get it done. I was at burnout ready for something to marvel at – be super joyful for – needing a major breakthrough!

On July 30, I stepped onto the plane headed to Rome, Italy finally making my long-held dream come true. Here I sit writing this article for you a few days into my new life. I am settled in my super cute Florence apartment (thanks Airbnb!), feeling at home in my new cool Italian neighborhood, food in my fridge – ready to roll!

Yes, dreams do come true when you are radically courageous to overcome anything that is holding you back.

Here’s what’s been going on in my psyche since arriving on Monday, July 31. WOW – dream come true. And, how am I supposed to go into work mode at given times in the midst of ALL this amazing culture, architecture, food, art, etc.??

This is why the laptop lifestyle is so transformational! Everything about this business model is about going after your desires and dreams as you travel and work in a “high vibrational” location. Meaning, our environment should inspire us, especially being a creative.

As my outstanding coach said to me as we began planning my dream life and business back on June 1st, “I’m giving you permission to live your dream life. Go to Italy and build your international business. Live, work, play in Florence, Rome, Tuscany, Positano and more! When we go after our desires – they are our destiny – they are meant to evolve us. Our desires are unique to each of us. They are designed to help us evolve into the joyous, authentic, powerful, valued woman we were meant to be.”

Amen. Brava! Well, I sat there with tears in my eyes listening to a compassionate, loving successful woman champion me to finally live my dream life.

It was surreal to me. But, wow was I inspired to finally make it happen!

Fast forward two months later and all the prep to step onto that plane to Italy on July 30 happened. That surreal moment with my coach became a reality when I was greeted by my personal concierge at Rome airport this past Monday waiting to take me to my train to Florence.

So, I sit here 3 days into my 27-day dream life and business in Florence, Italy having the time of my life! I’m already a changed woman. Vulnerability is an understatement. Two nights ago I walked along the lively cultured artistic city streets at 11 pm to the city center where the majestic Duomo building stood.

I’ve never expected this spiritual experience as I looked up at that vast piece of architecture abundantly filled with Italian history thousands of years old. With literally tears rolling down my face, my breath was taken away for a moment. My 20-year dream became a reality as I stood in the piazza in pure awe of this magnificent piece of work. I felt every bit of the high frequency “vibe” this world-renowned destination offers.

Then I ate divine yummy Italian gelato at the café next to where I was standing.

Tomorrow, after my full day of work today, I spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday enjoying food, museum, and Tuscany countryside tours. It’s all because I said YES to my dreams and desires rather than cave into my negative voices in my head preventing me from living my best life.

Now it’s your turn.

I want to help you honor your desires. I want to be the one giving YOU permission to live life and do business your way; rather than follow society norms and maybe at the approval of others. I want to champion you to do what I did.

It’s ALL possible with courage, faith and trust.

Let’s focus on you now for the last quarter of the year. Focus on your desires. Your money relationship and empowering conversations with your spouse and clients. Your brand. Your leveraging. Your boundaries. Your self-care. Your work/life balance. Clarity on your ideal client and how to market to them. Whatever your immediate needs are – let’s dive in, set the intention and create a plan!

For the 1st time I am offering 90-minute private intensive Zoom sessions as a summer celebration “Live Your Dream” special for only $500. My normal 1:1 rate for 90 minutes is $1,000. That’s a $500 savings good through August 21.

I have up to 5 spots available. Once they are gone I will close registration.

If this is calling out to you, please fill out this brief but important form to be approved for my offer. That informs us of your goals and intentions. Acceptance to the private intensive is required since these will go fast at this rate and I have limited spots.

Someone from my team will reach out to you to schedule a discovery call with me about your needs and this private intensive. We will make arrangements for your investment during the call.

Please don’t wait 20 years like I did to live your best life. Do. It. Now.

Blessings and ciao from Bella Firenze!


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