Private Coaching 90-Day Program 2019

Building Together: A NEW Money Legacy
Your Path to Higher Revenues and Life Fulfillment

Back Story

Today’s parenting responsibility requires the juggling of so many moving pieces while raising a healthy, well-adjusted, happy child. (Big sigh…)

I remember the joy and gratitude woven with fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty while choosing to raise my son, Taylor, as a single parent when he turned six years old in 1997.

I used a ton of faith, love, defined boundaries, inspiration, discipline, and an intention of success and unlimited possibility; no matter what. He was such a joy to parent as a child – but as fun as he was as a child; he was equally a challenge in his teens due to his high achieving personality!

Today he is 27 years old, extremely self-sufficient and successful in his Real Estate Investing and Development career out in that wildly uncertain but dynamic world.

I’m darn proud of being his Mom and all the rich life experiences (the good and the not so good) I went through to develop him into a well-adjusted, intelligent, and hard-working young man.

When I took the leap of faith to learn from my new mentors nine years ago how to transform my money relationship and build a new money legacy for my son, I wish I had known this knowledge and option when I raised him.

However, I have plenty to be grateful for knowing what I know now and how I have majorly shifted in my maturity and relationship with money; a relationship that used to be bathed in fear, shame, guilt, worry, and lack 20 years ago.

I can proudly say I am now modeling a healthy behavior with money for my son.

Think for a moment what money behaviors have you been modeling for your family and others?

Their money legacy begins with you.

Let’s build a NEW healthy money legacy for you, your business and your family that you can be proud of. A healthy money relationship goes beyond your own needs. It’s for future generations and your legacy.

Purpose of Program:

To help you breakthrough to your next income and revenue level, clean up unconscious “money stuff” and finally free yourself from fear, lack, worry, under-earning, procrastination, avoidance or other financial self-sabotage. I coach you to create new, empowering money habits together that transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, improve your money mindset, grow your existing business or career and earn more. This is the foundation of the money legacy you role model and pass onto your children, grandchildren or others.

Core benefits you can expect from your innovative program:

The Money Breakthrough Method® is a series of simple, yet profound questions, strategies, and exercises I walk you through that will creatively transform any money issue, drama or situation into clarity, forgiveness, and empowerment.

This transformational model is elegant, authentic and lasting. You will find a new sense of freedom and confidence in your relationship with money and how it serves you. This clarity and confidence affect all areas of your life. You will experience a new integration where relationships, family, career, health, self-care, creativity, spirituality, and more become more fulfilling.

“Really warm and good feeling from our meeting! Kids loving the sense of being on their own, your discussion around values hit a sweet spot. And thank you so much…those evenings are the closest I have felt as a family in a long time!

The three most profound changes our teenage kids experienced from taking Marla’s Money Legacy program are:

1. Our three kids now have an appreciation for money that simply did not exist prior to beginning Marla’s program.

2. Their self-confidence & self-worth have increased dramatically now that they understand how finances & budgeting work and that they are now responsible for how much money they earn and how much they spend.

3. The kids previously had near open access to Mom’s wallet for both cash and credit card use. This does not exist any longer because Mom is not allowing it, but just as important, they are only rarely asking for money because they seek the grown up world of being independent. If they do ask for money, they can typically justify their reason for asking. If we give it, there is a whole different level of appreciation that did not exist previously.”

Brian & Kathy Johnson, Rolling Hills Estates

P.S. I loved coaching this family! It was incredibly rewarding knowing these college age kids are going into the world filled with financial dignity and armed with tools to help them be self-sufficient and confident.

“Creating the habit of saving money, budgeting, and focusing on the habit versus the amount is making the biggest difference in my life, business and revenues. I am actually saving money for the first time in my life! It is amazing how much my money mindset has shifted in just over 3 months with Marla’s support. I am confident with budgeting, saving, paying off debt and my overall self-worth in relation to money!

Reading The Big Leap with Marla’s guidance and reframing my thought process around what it means to be in my “genius zone” has led to a significant shift in how I go about my health coaching business and what I take on personally versus what I delegate to my team. I no longer feel like I have to “do-it-all” on my own and have learned to leverage my support systems.”

Sampling of Money Breakthrough Method and Money Archetypes sessions for higher self-worth and a collaborative, loving relationship:
  • Create a new money legacy (Change limiting beliefs) and recalibrate your new normal.
  • Permission to make more and BOLD money goals.
  • Understand the differences between men and women and their money relationship for better communication and respect.
  • Learn new habits to match your values with spending, saving and making money.
  • Define your money personality for higher achievement and fulfillment using Money Archetypes dynamic exercises.
  • Solve the mystery of your money glass ceiling with Marla’s Money Speedometer tool and monthly tracking system to stay in relationship with your numbers.

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