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I think it’s important to the core message of this article to share with you how Irene Gomez showed up in my life.

Early January this year I sent out personal email invitations to very select entrepreneurs from my private webinar lists to join me in a “get to know each other” 1-1 zoom call with the intention of exploring their most important 2018 goals.
Irene was one of the positive replies to my email. Her reason – she recently had opened herself up to saying yes more often to exploring new experiences and people. She was on a path of personal and professional growth developing herself into a savvy opportunist.

My response to her positive email was “Yes! Now that’s a woman I want to get to know.” And so it was. Our intro zoom call was as favorable to me as it was to Irene. I loved Irene’s “fresh, uplifting energy” and beautiful smile. She also had THE best attitude about evolving herself and seeking expert guidance. Irene had recently completed her first self-development course and a women’s mentoring program. She was ready for the next level.

Irene’s most pervasive challenge to breakthrough at the time of our discussion was to examine and recalibrate her money relationship so she could be more empowered with her finances, getting out of debt, owning her worth, confidence, value and changing her behaviors. She was a perfect fit for my private Money Legacy™ Program. And so began her money journey in January 2018.

As a new health coach in the early stages of her business, she was more than eager to learn to be savvy and smart with money by eliminating her old stories of fear, worry, limiting habits, and lack mentality.

Throughout the program, she was such a joy to mentor. Irene is a bright, positive, loving young woman! She dove into every assignment and exercise with an optimistic, open heart and highly coachable attitude. It was not long into the program when this began to happen:

“Creating the habit of saving money, budgeting, and focusing on the habit versus the amount is making the biggest difference in my life, business, and revenues. I am actually saving money for the first time in my life! It is amazing how much my money mindset has shifted in just over 3 months with Marla’s support. I am confident with budgeting, saving, paying off debt and my overall self-worth in relation to money!”

Bingo! Now that’s a BIG win for Irene! I witnessed over a short three-months her habits and behaviors completely shift regarding being relationship with her numbers (revenues, expenses, bank account balances), self-worth and value. Her confidence soared!

Super proud of that girl! We also covered how to define and navigate her genius zone so that she worked more often in her high-payoff activities that brought her joy and fulfillment; rather than the mundane low payoff work.

“Reading The Big Leap with Marla’s guidance and reframing my thought process around what it means to be in my “genius zone” has led to a significant shift in how I go about my business and what I take on personally versus what I delegate to my team. I no longer feel like I have to “do-it-all” on my own and have learned to leverage my support systems,” says Irene.

Upon successfully completing the Money Legacy™ Program, she moved right into my Entrepreneur Success Program to develop her coaching programs, pricing, and sales system, which we are currently in the middle of doing. This girl is on a mission to succeed!

Remember, all of this came as a result of her saying YES to the right opportunity when it presented itself in January 2018. She made a smart decision to move her closer to where she wanted to be; rather than focusing on where she was. That’s a smart opportunist with bright future!

Let’s look at your next level of success by having a 30 min introductory Zoom chat. Email my team to schedule the call! – it would be my pleasure to get to know you and your most sought-after desires and goals.

To your success and abundance!