Celebrating 10 years in the business of changing lives!

Goodness. Where do I begin with my long-time client, Jessica Mendivil of Mendivil Events & Designs

If there was ever a woman on a mission to thrive against high odds at times, it would be her.

When Jessica and I met at an industry networking event in 2016, she was in the early stages of her event planning & production business. With her sharp intuition and deep drive to succeed, she was doing the best she could given certain challenges in her life and the average knowledge of how to monetize her passion for details, planning, and collaboration.

Photo Credit: Lauren Hillary

She is a detail woman. She loves the planning and orchestration it requires to create a masterpiece event. However, in the midst of all that – she had money “stuff” to heal, boundaries to claim (big time), leverage and delegation to implement, and self-care to commit to.

Friends, it takes much more than systems and strategies to make a business work. I love the personal development part of business success! Personal growth always precedes business growth.

Jessica would be the first one to tell you over the last two years of her coaching; she has matured into a more savvy, emotionally strong, decisive woman. Two years ago, she was the one who everyone came to personally and professionally for help and support. That can be a good thing as long as you have the right boundaries in place and you claim your own needs as top priority. That’s where her most impactful growth occurred.

From recalibrating and healing her money relationship of fear, lack, worry, uncertainty and under-earning to owning her value and worth, increasing her rates and taking a stand in pressured situations, Jessica developed a “new normal” in stronger boundaries, confidence and self-worth.

“I have been sharing about my new money legacy with friends and family. My relationship with money has changed dramatically.

My relationship with money is expansive and positive. I see money as a tool to make wonderful things happen and a way to reach others rather than fear, worry, and lack. Having the support and encouragement of a coach has been life-changing. I didn’t recognize my full potential until I had Marla help me focus and reel in my true gifts and power.

Money represents how you choose to invest in yourself and how you choose to invest your time. The way I do money is the way I do everything. So grateful!”

I proudly witnessed so many transformations over the two years we have been coaching and continue to as we evaluate and find solutions to even more challenging situations in her business and life today.

It’s been as rewarding for me as it has been for her. Every month she exhibits more sound decisions, habits and behaviors that support her well-being and higher value.

Results? Higher revenues, demand for her services and a trusted reputation just to name a few.

Jessica is definitely a woman on a mission to impact humanity. She is a natural healer and humanitarian. Her love for animals and their welfare, causes that make a sincere difference in the world, and her natural artistic genius to create, design, dance, and add value to people’s lives will guarantee a seat at the head of any table.

One of the more rewarding gifts from clients is their words of appreciation. From Jessica in a recent message:

“I just wanted to say Thank you. Thank you for helping me heal. Thank you for guiding me to my fullest potential. Thank you for everything.”

And thank you, Jessica, for the privilege of being and continuing to be your mentor.

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To your dreams manifesting,