Are you taking care of your mental health, body and soul lately? I hope so. How our lives have changed since 2020.

Ask Cheryl Riblett, the 6th and last story of the Creative Leaders Series, how those elements of her life changed in 2022 after six months of life and business coaching.

I’d say she not only signed up for a reinvention of her thirty- year-old nail artistry business, Anny Salon in beautiful Malaga Cove, but her life. I witnessed incredible strength and resilience to succeed while juggling her personal life, and we experienced some resistance to change as we restructured her business and her life.  

“Many missing pieces to my life and business came to light after meeting Marla.

Having her as my life and business coach challenged me to see things, I didn’t have clarity around nor understanding.

I had the courage thank goodness to reinvent and transform from the inside out. My personal life and business are now integrated whereas prior to coaching, they were separate and misaligned due to holding onto the past.

I restored my faith, truth, confidence, creativity, self-worth, and success mindset as a result of six-months of private coaching. My self-confidence grows everyday as I run my re-engineered thirty-year-old nail artistry business. I have been lunged forward into the power of believing in myself.  Truly magical!  Very grateful!

My salon continues to change and grow into a peaceful, healing experience.  

The goals I set are always coming to forefront at the right time.”

I’ll explain what all that means in a moment. We met in early 2022 when I came to her salon for a mani-pedi. She is only a few blocks away from my home in our charming Italian inspired village by the sea in beautiful Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes. 

In between the soothing lotions and serums Cheryl so carefully applied to my hands and feet, we talked about her need for a business coach. She had this “energy” thing going on where she sensed we needed to make this happen. A few weeks later we began a six-month journey of major life and business transformation.

To illustrate what she meant by a re-engineered business, here are highlights of what we worked on to turn her business into an upgraded version of itself.

  • We began with identifying her superpower of being an empath. She had no clue that was the core of her “sensitive” nature. As I do with many of my empath creative clients, I recommended Dr. Judith Orloff’s book, The Empath’s Survival Guide, to support her journey.
  • We identified her zone of genius by reading every chapter in, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, who she loved! These traits became her lead focus in what she would spend most of her time in business. By doing she learned the power of delegation and hired a virtual assistant to take those lower payoff activities off her plate. THIS was huge for her given she spent over 30 years as a solo woman business owner with no help. Now she has a business strategy for more joy and revenues.
  • We eliminated her list of annoying things, people and habits that she was tolerating. (Freedom!)
  • She learned the vital important operating with a masterful blend of masculine and feminine principles so that she did not burn out. The balance is for self-care and strengthening intuition, creativity, play, adventure, leaning back more to receive rather than always doing.
  • She got clear on her ideal avatar for attracting and marketing to high-value clients.
  • We transformed how she made decisions around money from a new set of beliefs so that she no longer negotiated her truth about her worth and value.
  • She did beautifully establishing new, stronger boundaries and operating from an empowered woman business owner mindset.
  • She hired an organizer to purge and organize her home and salon. Incredible results on all levels tangibly and intangibly.
  • We installed a new bill pay system to keep her in touch with her numbers.
  • Improved her relationship with email, Dropbox, IG, word doc, pdfs.
  • Developed In-House Guidelines for her team culture and boundaries.
  • Hired a bookkeeper and applied my bookkeeping system to collaborate with the bookkeeper.
  • Developed new marketing strategies and promotions to use on her new Instagram and email marketing accounts.

And that is just the highlights! There is so much of her personal growth not mentioned. Imagine having to learn the conventional way over a few years. Instead, she chose the expert approach and followed the guidance to shortened success. I am incredibly proud of this woman!

How’s your business? Is your personal life integrated with your business life? Meaning, are you living a splintered life as to who you are at work vs personal life? Are you living according to your values or someone else’s rules and beliefs?

I invite you to apply for an intro call to explore what is happening for you. Go to

It’s been my privilege to share these five women’s stories of resilience, faith and inner strength in the sixth annual six-week Creative Leaders Series. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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