Thea’s three decades in the corporate and start-up worlds where women’s empowerment and music were central to her efforts paid off in 2018.
She decided to turn those two passions into a thought leader/advocate platform by creating her first nonprofit, Herizon Music Foundation. (HMF)

And so IT was born.

HMF’s mission is to eliminate gender disparity in modern music by uplifting the next generation of women in music. Its focus is to educate, create opportunities and experience, and offer role-modeling programs for women of all ages in music.

Thea is our featured woman creative leader this week in my series where you will be moved by her moxie to go up against an industry that has been long-time male dominated in pay and representation.

Among the many efforts, Herizon also produces Backstage Chats With Women In Music podcast where Thea interviews trailblazers and rising stars both on stage and behind the scenes in music.

“You may be surprised to learn that gender disparity in the modern music industry exists at a level that surpasses inequity in the technology and transportation sectors. While women make up 50% of listening audiences and concert attendees, we are sorely underrepresented on stage, on air, and behind the scenes.”

Thea’s personal and professional growth took the spotlight in her life simultaneously as her advocacy took off. She knew she wanted to uplevel herself and skill set if she was going to build a global nonprofit and thought leader platform while making the impact she envisioned.

After several years of connecting online and via email supporting each other in our shared interests in journalism, storytelling, women’s empowerment and personal growth, Thea became a coaching client in 2021 first by transforming her relationship with money and then a year long mentorship in upgrading her leadership skills, boundaries, focus, prioritizing, productivity, and mindset.

“It’s a continuous process, but I’m retraining my brain and heart to keep focus and priorities well defined and top of mind. Marla asked me the hard questions, usually “why?” when I needed to hear it most. I learned my “why” wasn’t always clear or the reasons why weren’t in line with my desires and genius zone. The books, The Big Leap and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic were core to our coaching. Reading it was invaluable. Each book I’ve read are now daily references to keep me in tune with my values, goals, and sense of receiving,” says Thea.

I was very proud of her earnest efforts all year as she worked every day at HMF to build infrastructure, raise funds, collaborate with her new board of advisors, create brand awareness and so much more. I would easily give her the title of super woman!

Behind the scenes this is how she showed up for herself as she took a stand for women in music every day.

She started setting boundaries and realized she didn’t have to say yes to everyone who needed help in her life, which is a very common trait I have found in compassionate leaders. Secondly, when growing a business, leverage is crucial. Most high achieving women in my coaching world have challenges with letting go of control and trusting others to do the work needed. That can prevent emerging business owners from delegating sooner so they can focus on growing the organization. Thea was diligent in her efforts to breakthrough.

In early 2022 after many months of searching and a few misses, she finally found the right fit for her Executive Director position to take that huge role off her plate. We worked on her mindset first and then the execution. Such a celebratory moment!

And, she began to upgrade her relationship with money while improving  her wealth consciousness (habits, behaviors and beliefs). This is how a creative woman leader lives her life. She takes risks, leaps, and excels on many levels for the good of everyone and herself.

The many ways HMF is creating waves in the music industry can be found at the website, Pick your choice from Herizon’s all-female musician marketplace, Random Acts of Music. For the educational component, Live Events which offers educational tutorials and panel discussions. If you are a woman in music with a compelling story, submit a request to be a guest on the podcast. And, of course their YouTube channel.

Herizon Music’s work experience, education, and role-modeling programs are designed to help women create a path to merit-based success.

“Women in music are sorely overlooked in gender equity conversations and things like the #metoo movement. If I can give them a voice and provide programs that positively impact their careers (economically and mentally), then the satisfaction is beyond words,” says Thea.

And so it is.

Catch Thea’s lively podcast interview on April 5th on Follow Your Joy. Join us on any podcast platform. You can hear directly from her how life behind the scenes became her own transformational journey worthy of sharing.