Rosie was born a natural creative. She came out in the world ready to innovate. Her creations run the gamut from hand painted tee shirts to a line of children’s hats sold in over 400 stores nationwide to a line of high-end women’s dresses, a book, cookbooks, journals, card decks and more.

Through most of her life, though, she felt like she struggled with the confidence to speak her mind and opinions for fear of being rejected and not heard.

Later in life this would evolve into her superpower in personal and business. It is because of Rosie’s own self-discovery journey that she wants everyone to be inspired to express their true self and how to turn that into a success to be proud of.

After deciding to participate in her first body-building competition at age 50 and putting in the hard, consistent effort to qualify, she had her biggest moment of clarity while on stage.

It was in that emotional state while the stage lights were shining brightly that she discovered everything she needed has always been within her. It was then, after years of questioning her value and what she contributes to others and life, that she finally accepted her superpower – her inner power. She could and did achieve what seemed impossible. A body-building competition. A pivotal moment in her life.

Today Rosie helps women over 50 tap into their creative genius to create what they love, in life, products and business. She believes your God-given voice IS your gift. Rosie calls herself a Cheerleader for Your Creativity and an Advocate for Your Authentic Voice.

She leads groups of women to dig deep and tap into their natural born value and worth and their creativity as a channel for expressing their impact on others. Rosie coaches them through how to create meaningful, colorful, sometimes whimsical card decks as a marketing product that becomes the seed to the blooming of themselves and their business.

“15 years ago, I created my first card deck and fell in love with the results. It was  a “Self Love Card Deck”  that helped my clients take small action steps that made a huge difference in how they felt about themselves. The cards were inspiring, informative, motivational & actionable. I saw amazing changes happen,” smiles Rosie.

She helps women create card decks to grow their business, build their communities and create lucrative income streams.

Another profound clarity breakthrough moment happened in 2021 during her  coaching program with me. I encouraged her to look at herself as a thought leader for women around their worth and value and for her convictions about our US Constitution. These both are passions that light her up. (A thought leader impacts the consciousness of their audience to uplift their lives and inspire them to think differently, thus causing innovation.)

After completing the entrepreneurial program, she realized, “I am now able to see that I am a thought leader, and I have the right and obligation to speak my strong opinions. I am no longer willing to hold them back.”

Oftentimes we just need a validation of who we are from an expert to begin to recognize and own our power. Just like she does for her women clients as I do for mine.

I teach via Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap, owning your zone of genius to awaken the higher level of creativity in my clients so that they use this as their highest payoff activity in their business. In turn they are the most in their joy and make the highest revenues. Not an easy mindset and action to master in the beginning.

First, you must make it ok to work more often in that happy place and delegate the rest. And, be able to say no to other things you thought you had to do in your business. Therein lies the big breakthrough. Committing to that level of operating.

Rosie enjoyed learning how to hone in and getting clear on her gifts and talents. She turned the corner when we discussed how by her being in the genius zone more often (that amazing creative mind of hers) and serving great value to her clients this way, she was in the transformational business, which never occurred to her.

“It was eye opening. That changed the way I talk about what I do and how I help people,” she said.

She found she was no longer an awesome creative that helped women create cool, unique products. She is an awesome creative AND transformational coach that uses the creation of card decks to uplevel women’s lives, worth, value and voice in the world!

“Getting super clear on my talents and skills gave me the confidence to raise the rates on my course and create a high-level VIP Comprehensive Program. I got my first client right away at a price I never would have asked before. My relationship with money has completely up-leveled.”

That is how it is done.  

Rosie is a beautiful example of finding your voice, teaching women how to do the same, operate more often in her zone of genius and be rewarded well financially for the value she brings to these women’s lives.

Listen in to her recent episode #35 at Follow Your Joy podcast. You can hear it directly from her.  Visit