I mean who doesn’t LOVE to travel to new countries experiencing new cultures, people, food, language, architecture, music, and renowned historical destinations!

Over the next 6 weeks, observe how I integrate my love of travel (and art) into my rebrand launch scheduled for some time in late October to early November close to the Enlightened Reinvention Retreat.  (Hint: new brand photos, lifestyle division, workshops, newsletter content, etc.)

Travel has always been a BIG joy for me since my early 20s. Little known fact,

I took a hiatus from college after my first semester at SDSU and enrolled in travel agent training. I needed a break from traditional school after 15 years. Yep. I was a certified TA for two years working at a family-owned boutique travel agency in Playa Del Rey near LAX.

Sweet, fun memories. I was so young and carefree. I had a blast going to work every day planning travel for all sorts of clients, going on fam trips with my co-workers. There were six of us. All the same age. Loads of adventure! I remember how much we laughed all day.

After two years, I had my fill and made the serious commitment to go back to college and finish my PR Journalism degree, which led to a fabulously fun, dynamic career in entertainment PR for 22 years.

The love of travel has remained core to my joy. I nourished it over the last 30 years by taking vacations and weekend trips. But it wasn’t until summer 2017 when I transformed my love of travel to a much higher level as you know when I made the dream come true to live and work for a month-long stay in Florence, Italy. And then again, a year later for two glorious weeks in Rome, Lake Como and Cortona, Tuscany.

That pivotal experience changed everything from the inside out. Why I waited 20 years to make that dream happen, God only knows. I actually know. It was my wealth consciousness and worthiness that needed a serious wakeup call.

All that to say, travel is now back in my life full force so much that it is now being integrated into my brand and business as you will witness very soon.

It was time to honor that very special JOY by bringing it front and center to my business and life, as well as the artist in this girl.

My hope is that by my commitment to my joy, you are inspired to do that same by leveling up your desires to travel in ways that are meaningful for you.

Travel is transformational. It’s a desire meant specifically for you – to transform you. Do the pattern interrupt and make it happen!

Great resources. I am a subscriber to Conde Nast’s The Women Who Travel Newsletter – loads of dream-worthy content! Take a look:

La Dolce Vita, xo