I caught myself in overload to the point of almost exhaustion the last few weeks.


Silly me, I thought I could “go with the flow” but my Spirit and Soul knew better.



I stepped away. Took an inventory of my heart and its wisdom.


I listened. I let go. I journaled. I rested. I gave myself permission to reconnect with the artist within.


And guess what?


I was led to a perfect “Elegant Femme” mentor, a life coach based out of Paris who serves spiritual, creative, high achieving women seeking re-connection with their feminine energy, meaning, and power.


After a week of taking in this mentor’s info via a free video program, my soul’s urge was so strong to join her community and program that I didn’t hesitate. My soul’s urge was that “lifted” energy you get when you are nudged to take action or you end up regretting it. That was Spirit (my core connection to Source) speaking to me. Do it. I did.


Life feels exciting once again!


I’m in a virtual group of women from around the globe. It’s an international community of beautifully vulnerable women seeking more dignity, more fun, and higher intentional living. Perfect. That was the gift in my challenge.


What’s your heart saying? Are you listening or trying to push through it all? What is the gift in your challenge lately? Post at my FB page – let me know – let’s begin a conversation.


The other gift in the challenge is always a benefit to you. I learn from my challenges and in return offer you and clients my wisdom how to create a better result. Proven systems are usually a result of experiencing challenges and finding solutions. Hopefully, you got the lessons and how-to’s (steps) in my story for your own breakthrough!


Speaking of breakthrough – I have 3 spots remaining in the next Money Mindset Business Breakthrough 90- Day Program that begins Oct 19. See below for real successes and a client video tells all! I’m offering a special rate for the next 7 days for those ready to jump. Details below.


Money Mindset Business Breakthrough 90-Day Program 


Begins Wed, Oct 19th!
3 spots left.


What’s possible in 90 days when you stay focused and give it your all into your transformation with a compassionate yet firm mentor who champions you?


Here are a few examples of successes to know what’s possible for you.


Major life and business changes:

  • Revenue increase from 0 to $6,000/mo to $10,000 month inside of 3 months.
  • First time “net” income of $15,000 a month within a 3 month time period.
  • Redefining boundaries for more time with family due to her raising her rates and attracting better clients
  • Re-calibrating her money relationship from fear and lack to confidence and dignity in her money conversations with clients and spouse.


This is a very short list of a much longer one from clients who are no longer negotiating their own truth and worth.


Enjoy Masha’s video testimonial – she tells it like it is. So proud of her!



We have 3 spots left to join this remarkable group of high achieving creative entrepreneurs. I’m offering a special rate for the next 7 days. Click here for program details and to fill out a short application for a private call with me to evaluate your readiness to jump into the new you!


Divine elegance,

marla sig