Buon Giorno!

This week I am taking you on a special detour to Italy. You ok with that? (I thought so).

My love affair with Italy will be a forever thing. When I have a chance to share ideas how to go about creative renewal – relating to travel and especially to Italy – I jump at it.

Italy is one topic that seems to arouse everyone’s senses. I can’t think of one client who doesn’t relate to this topic!

Travel can heighten our senses and seduce the romantic in our hearts. As the famous poet, Rumi, wrote “Travel brings power and love back in our lives!” Travel inspires creative renewal on many levels!

I have a special video to share that will nurture your soul and feed your wanderlust!

The beautiful host, Kylie Flavell, is a vibrant example of The NEW Renaissance Woman who is unapologetic in going after her dreams and does so with gusto!

How’s this for the result of creative renewal?

Kylie left her magazine editor job about five years ago in the states – taught herself how to shoot videos – and designed a dream life of a travel filmmaker. Her Youtube channel now has over 34,000 subscribers.

She does a wonderful portrayal of DOLCE VITA mindset in her video episode. This very topic forever changed my life while in Italy. My heart has never been the same. I embraced this way of life while in Florence and Rome.

Italians approach to life is soooo different than that of USA.They live a life of enhancing the senses – touch, sight, feel, taste, and sound. Then they work. It’s a remarkably non-stressful way to live.

Kylie has created a stunning collection of videos that will take you from Rio de Janeiro to Morocco to the French Riviera. Her series Hooked Up, broadcast on the Wayfarers YouTube channel, has earned over a million views per episode, while her romantic on-the-road cooking show When Patrick Met Kylie was picked up by Nat Geo and the Discovery Channel.

Watch this 4 min luxurious video and let me know your thoughts about DOLCE VITA!

To add to this creative renewal topic, My EAT PLAY LOVE: 10 Simple Truths to Living Like an Italian checklist I composed while in Florence, Italy last summer is a perfect contribution to your wanderlust!

Slow down. Play more. Ride a bike. Drive a Vespa. Enjoy life. Stop working so hard. Trust the money will be there. Meals made from scratch will heal your body and soul. Take 2-3 weeks off in August to enjoy time with self, family, and travel. Vision and design BIG art and architecture but live a simple, uncomplicated life. That’s abundance. La Famiglia is key to a quality life. Be kind to each other. Be loyal. Eat dinner together. Laugh. Sip and drink good wine with friends often under the moonlight in an outside cafe. Walk to the grocery store. Choose plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Embrace romance as if your well-being depended on it. Because it does. Wash your clothes with fabric softener. Hang dry in the sun. Dryers are for convenience and use a ton of energy. Use that energy bill you would have paid for finer things in life. Like travel.

To your wanderlust!