I have not revealed as much as I really could about my spiritual life. It’s time.

Let’s talk about the power of intuition.

Each time I reinvented myself in small or large ways over the last 30 yrs., it was always inspired by a strong divine urge prodding me to up-level, change, and evolve. It comes in form of a constant energetic feeling that speaks to me from the collective consciousness (you and everyone).

The message is always evolve, innovate, and follow your heart.

This happened when I found my entertainment PR career in 1986 and then again 22 yrs. later when I changed my career path into mentoring and coaching creative business owners.

It was always at a crucial time when the world around me was shifting and changing. In 2006 this thing called social media was turning the world upside down transforming how we connected with one another while dictating how we showed up online as businesses, brands, and in our personal lives. My world of public relations was then the new social media and I had to reinvent fast!

The recurring intuitive message I get each time something is on the verge of change is that humanity is in need of a clarifying purpose, direction and impact; like a soothing balmPeople desire a life with more meaning.

This is the vibe again. Change. Evolve. I’m listening. New clients coming in are asking for life coaching in their spirituality, purpose and meaning at a soul level.

This topic and more will be on our agenda to have meaningful discussions at my Creative Roundtable: “Behind the Scenes of a Creative Business” April 18th in El Segundo from 6-9 pm. Register here https://marladiann.com/creative2019/

Early rate ends Monday 4/8. We have room for a few more. Come and bring a friend. We’ll exchange ideas, eat and drink delicious wine.   

If you are outside the area or busy that night, then let’s schedule a Zoom call to talk about clarifying your purpose, direction and impact. You deserve a life with more meaning and fulfillment. Send an email to support@marladiann.com

Joy and abundance,