You are invited to attend a

Innovative Creative Roundtable

with Marla Diann, Success Coach and Business Strategist for Creatives
and her Featured Client Experts on Thursday, April 18th

Behind the scenes of a creative business
  • Time:

    6:00-9:00 pm Thursday April 18, 2019

  • Appetizers, beverages and wine tasting provided
  • Location:

    1st Floor Boardroom at Cross Campus South Bay
    840 Apollo St. Suite 100 El Segundo Ca 90245

  • Parking:

    Garage entrance off Apollo Street. After 5:30 all parking is unrestricted. 840 bldg. is accessed through the parking garage.

  • Registration Fee:

    $75.00 early rate till April 8th. Beyond 4/8 $99.00. All guests receive Marla’s “Hiring an A-List Team Member Proven System” workbook

  • Bring:

    Ideas, inspiration, pen and notebook, enthusiasm!

  • Purpose:

    For the experienced entrepreneur. Inspiring discussions about overcoming day-to-day common challenges running a creative business that require new, expanded levels of thinking, strategies and systems in order to increase revenues more consistently. We will finish out the evening with a delicious wine-tasting presented by a local certified Sommelier featuring her celebrated women winemakers.


What you’ll learn

Topics for discussion and collaboration

  • Demystifying your “genius zone” talents to streamline your higher pay-off activities that best leverage your time, focus, and revenue success. No more DIY mindset, Ok?
  • Exploring THE BIG LEAP book principles that help you remove the obstacles to your next breakthrough success. This body of work is THE answer to quantum shifts in your level of happiness, joy, creativity, and abundance.
  • You know you need a more effective approach to hiring that “Lead virtual assistant” who stays longer than a month or two and is a good fit for your culture.
  • Marla’s “Hiring an A-List Team Member” proven system workbook (Your gift for attending!). This workbook content helps you transform that “delegation doubt and distrust” into being a savvy CEO of your business managing your priorities better for higher productivity.
  • Surely wealth consciousness plays a part in all this! Marla’s Money Legacy principles.
  • The beauty of creative renewal (wake-up call) and why it’s a MUST in your creative business if you want more fulfillment and success. She’ll share her 5 Essential Ingredients for Living an Amplified Creative Life.

Your Host

Marla Diann is an international success coach and business strategist for high creative entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to upgrade to the next level of life and business financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Celebrating 11 years in business, Marla Diann Mentoring International offers over 30+ years of entertainment PR & talent management, branding, entrepreneurship, personal growth, professional development, mentoring, coaching, and women/young girls philanthropy.

Marla guides her entrepreneur clients to identify and implement new success habits, a renewed creativity, and discovery of their genius zone, new behaviors, new mindset, and an elegantly transformed relationship with money.

Featured Guests

Veronica Puleo

The Replicas Music & Productions

“Since 2011 I was spinning plates literally doing my business all by myself. The funny thing is I had myself convinced I could sustain that life forever and become more successful.

Truth is, in 2017, I started to feel the crash and burn feeling. I tried hiring in-person worker bees, but didn’t have a system in place to show them how to be of true service to me as a productive team member. So in August 2018, I met Marla Diann, and she hipped me to the proper way of hiring a VA and gave me a proven system that works! My world has changed!”

Lee Dyson

Hey Mister DJ Productions

“I’ve been “letting my business run me” since 2007. Honestly for the last 4-5 years I’ve been operating at the top of my capacity which leaves no room for creativity, growth and life/work balance. 

Working with Marla has helped me move past my fear/reluctance to make change, take some risks and invest back into myself and my company so that in 2019 and beyond I’ll be “running my business” more efficiently and with greater results.

Brianne Cohen


Time to let loose! We will finish the evening with delicious wine-tasting featuring women winemakers by Los Angeles Sommelier Brianne Cohen. Her broad knowledge will fascinate you as we sip several wines from far away regions! Her intriguing topic will take us into the lives of women winemakers who are breaking through the old stereotypes of the male winemaker who typically dominate the industry. Overachieving women have many passions and interests, yet find themselves trying to find the ever-elusive work/life balance between keeping a home, a career, and a family. Brianne interviewed women winemakers who wanted to leave a career that no longer “sparked” a joy within them or their children grew up and they wanted to start a new chapter in their lives: a true reinvention!

Early Rate Registration only $75.00

(After April 8th, 2019 price will be $99.00)


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“What made the biggest difference in my business and revenues was learning that 80% of my income will come from 20% of my clients. This was eye-opening for me! Remembering that I am “worth” what I charge for my services, due to my years of expertise. That coming from a place of service and gratitude is definitely a positive and aligns with who I am as a person, and the money follows.”

LORI ROSE, Integrative Health Coach, Rose Health Mentoring

“I had profound changes in my mindset that altered my decision-making in business. I learned how I do money is how I do everything! This permeated every portion of my life. I took better control of my “money” allowing me to take control of my life.”

BARBI WALTERS, Wedding Event Planner, Designer & Stylist, The Lynden Lane Co

“In Marla’s – What’s possible with a renewed creativity coaching – something specific stood out. “A deeper sacred relationship with your artist self; trusting your creativity more.” I spent so much time this past year spending every minute on how to improve my craft to fit industry standards, and something that we discussed during the Creative Renewal training just popped out.

Think of all the “firsts”, people who have been the first or DISRUPTERS in their industry-to think outside the box, and create something new. So that gave me courage to give myself PERMISSION, (another take away), to RUN my business creatively how I see fit, and stop looking at everything else so intensely.”

TENICE HOLMAN, Organized to the T, Professional Organizer & Home Stylist

“Reading The Big Leap with Marla’s guidance and reframing my thought process around what it means to be in my “genius zone” has led to a significant shift in how I go about my business and what I take on personally versus what I delegate to my team. I no longer feel like I have to “do-it-all” on my own and have learned to leverage my support systems”.

IRENE GOMEZ, Lifestyle Health Coach, Irene Gomez Mentoring International