Simplicity. That’s my new motto. Simplicity in everything I do, feel, think, and see.

You, too?

Today our lives have become much too complicated, demanding and overwhelming. I experienced a stark difference in how we Americans live vs. Italians when I lived in Florence and Rome for a month in August.

So much that I vowed to come back home and transform my life to quality and simplicity; just like how the Italians live. (I wrote a blog article Eat Play Love: 10 Simple Truths Living Like an Italian!)

I know you get this and want this simplicity on some level, too. We are all connected whether you are of that consciousness or not. We want the same things – love, connection and feeling a sense of belonging.

That lifestyle begins with clearing out what we tolerate in all parts of our life so that we can make decisions more clearly and authentically without the cloud of emotional, spiritual, physical or financial clutter blocking our abundance.

When we do that – we boost our lives to attract and manifest more of the good fortune, prime opportunities and quality relationships.

I give you a private environment virtually or in-person to focus on de-cluttering your tolerations (those things that really annoy you and drain your energy) in life or business.

This sets yourself up for attracting and creating new channels of money, clients, ideas, prime opportunities and more quality relationships.


I’m offering a simple (remember it’s about simplifying) 90-minute private 1:1 mentoring intensive via Zoom (video) for a savings rate of $650 (normal rate $950) or a 4-hour private 1:1 mentoring intensive via Zoom or in-person for a savings rate of $2000 (normal rate $2500).

Included in your intensive is always a prep call, prep assignments and a follow up call a week after the intensive. Simple. But the result is far from simple. It’s life changing.

Are you worth the investment? More than you may believe. Personal growth ALWAYS precedes business growth.

When you focus on your “wealth-being” (Think well-being), you inevitably manifest something good to be proud of. Thus, building a momentum.

It only takes one focused, private session to kick the momentum in gear.

Booking a session secures the savings rate which ends Oct 10th. This is a short window to make an important decision. That’s the incentive. Your session can be scheduled for any day we agree on in October.

All high achievers who create results know decision making is not “on-the-fence.” They take action quickly.

Inspired action.

The first step is filling out this application to let us know your interest and we will schedule a call to explore your needs.

To your JOY and Happiness,