Today’s parenting responsibility requires the juggling of so many moving pieces while raising a healthy, well-adjusted, happy child.

I remember the joy and gratitude sprinkled with fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty while raising Taylor as a single parent. I used a ton of faith, love, defined boundaries, inspiration, discipline, and holding an intention with him of success and unlimited possibility. And as pleasant as a child he was to raise (great kid!), he was equally a big challenge in his teens!

Today he is 26 years old, very self-sufficient and successful out in that wildly uncertain but dynamic world. I’m darn proud of being his Mom.

When I took the leap of faith to learn from my mentors 8 years ago how to transform my money relationship and build a new money legacy for my son, I wish I had known this option when I raised him. Regardless, I have plenty to be grateful for knowing what I know now and how I have majorly shifted my maturity and relationship with money that used to be bathed in fear, shame, guilt, worry, and lack 20 years ago. I can proudly say I am now modeling a healthy behavior with money for my son.

I am fortunate to now be a mentor for young families who face the same dilemma when raising their sweet little ones. I am surrounded daily with driven, eager, brilliant hopeful creative entrepreneurs who are new or toddler parents who want to transform their financial picture and create a more stable future.

They know they need to shift their mindset, habits and behaviors around money in order to create that new money legacy for their children.

And I am darn proud of them for making that choice and allowing me to guide them down that path.

If you are a new parent and grandparent to newborns, toddlers and teens please ask yourself what legacy are you teaching your children about money.

No fault of anyone’s – if we are unconsciously passing down less than effective habits, behaviors, and mindset around our relationship with money to our kids – we are not building a healthy money legacy.

By choosing the last seat in my next 3 month Money Mindset Business Breakthrough program starting April 19 – you will be transforming yourself and your children’s money legacy forever.

Aren’t they worth it? I would say so. You deserve the best life.

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To your worth & dignity,