40+ days into the pandemic and I found myself looking for new and even more efficient resources to earn more, save more, and manage money given there is always something new to learn during an economic downturn.

The gift in the challenge of this magnitude spurred on an abundance of new articles, videos, websites, downloads and more to help raise our money vibe (wealth consciousness), educate us to be more aware of financial options, and maybe even inspire us to be more aggressive in our savings and investing plans.

Whichever is your need, I gathered a select bundle of resources I consider solid, trusting, and reliable. These can support you in expanding your channels of income and being an even better caretaker of your money.

Given that my passion aspires for you to have a healthy relationship with money, (i.e., stay in touch with your numbers, have empowering money conversations, find ways to have your money work for you, and build your confidence in your value and worth), I felt these were worth sharing.

I even earmarked a few websites for my own support going forward in this new economy and how to navigate it. Please reply with a comment if this was helpful!

(1) I featured two clients in last week’s blog who successfully completed my 6-week group Money Transformation Program earlier this year. They reconfirmed any goal can be achieved in a shorter time frame given you implement effective mindset strategies, intention, and actions. They created outstanding results by collapsing their year-long goals into six weeks. You can, too.  It’s a must read about their before and after stories!

Share this with your colleagues you know could use a lift in their money relationship! For your own personal finance and money relationship, let’s talk about collapsing your goals time frame. Email support@marladiann.com

(2) www.thesimpledollar.com The Simple Dollar website was created by a man who got himself out of debt 14 yrs. ago and built a global recognized site that helps you in all financial matters. It is chock full of financial experts and resources about getting out of debt, investing, money management, best credit cards for travel, best personal loans, etc. I found it to be extremely helpful.

(3) www.clubthrifty.com Earn more. Save more. Travel more. (I like that!) Holly & Greg Johnson navigated themselves out debt years ago (and they had a good income!) and share their smart, debt-free lifestyle expertise that focuses on personal finance, family travel, and credit card rewards.Their tag line is “Stop spending and start living; design the life of your dreams, travel without guilt, and have cash to spare.” Holly and Greg co-authored Zero down your debt and they operate a globally recognized blog. Their story is inspiring and they have been living the dream life for over 10 years.

(4) In this new economy, we need to be seriously looking for new and additional ways to generate channels of income online to boost our savings accounts for emergencies and our dreams, investments, and getting out debt (if that’s you).I firmly believe we are being led to be much savvier with our personal finance while earning more.  Have you had dreams of being a well-paid freelance writer but hesitated because you heard it doesn’t pay much or at all? I did, too, until I met Holly & Greg Johnson via their Club Thrifty site (#3).

After extensive research, I signed up for Holly’s EARN MORE WRITING COURSE. Sign up for her 30 min. free webinar giving you all the details!She’s been a full-time freelance writer for several years after a long and sacrificing corporate career. She currently makes a solid 6-figure income and shows you the exact steps and resources she uses to find those writing gigs, the right pitch etiquette that result in hiring you, how to negotiate good pay, and lists of templates and more.  If I can add well-paid writing projects to my business model and revenues, I am there.

Holly is a straight shooter. No B.S. Her writing expertise is about personal finance and travel.  I read many testimonials of high achieving professionals who also sought out reputable and reliable sources for freelance writing education.  It was unanimous – she is the real deal and they have flourishing PAID writing careers. If you have been writing for publications for free, go learn how to get paid well! 

(5) Meet Kevin, a YouTube influencer, who is very reliable and efficient in his up-to-date daily news of PPP, SBA, Stimulus Bill, Unemployment and more. He’s a live wire! A lot of energy. He’s become my go-to-quick source for COVID-19 money matters. He’s a wealth expert, real estate investor, and assertive money management guy. Here’s a recent video

(6) Pipedrive is a sales performance tool.  www.pipedrive.comIt is full of features that help you prioritize deals, track performance and predict revenue. Example: Tools to power up your pipeline-lead generation:

Let’s take the next step to your financial reset.

I have a private 90-day Financial Wellness Program where we recalibrate your habits, behaviors and mindset around money (wealth consciousness) – then we sharpen your money conversations to be empowering rather than knocking the confidence out of you – and focus on your goals to collapse the time frame just like Chelsey and Michele. Email support@marladiann.com to schedule an intro call.

I also do the financial wellness 6-week program for groups of 4 -10. If you and your team or colleagues desire group support while transforming your money relationship to increase sales and your worth – email my team – we can work exclusively with your group of 4 or more.

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To your financial success!