I love a good, real-life “challenge to victory” story. Don’t you?

We could all use a dose of positivity and hope about now! In my #lookforthegood mindset and approach to our current situation, I am an advocate for these inspiring stories – they are vital to our mental health and well-being!

These two women creative entrepreneurs, who were recent graduates of my Money Transformation Program, reconfirm the truth that anything is possible in a short time frame given you implement effective mindset strategies, intention, and actions.

Watching a swift transformation in as little as 4-6 weeks never ceases to amaze me and I have been guiding creatives to collapse the time frame on any goal for 12 years now!

Chelsey, brand + web designer, and business coach to entrepreneurial women, started her business at 19.  Almost 10 years later she’s a sought-after branding and web designer expert placing women brands on the map globally.

Chelsey enrolled in my Money Transformation 6-week group program in January to breakthrough her resistance to being in relationship with her numbers (cash-flow), break her money glass ceiling and attain her BIG goals in 2020. What soon happened within a few weeks will astound you as much as it did me!

My husband and I started to discuss money goals that to me felt unattainable. As a business owner I didn’t love looking at my cash-flow; it made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I also had a hard time trusting where I was investing in my business.

But then it happened. In the first week of Marla’s program, I paid off two credit cards! 

AND, one of my big goals was to buy a home. We set the timeline for that by the end of the year.  We actually accomplished this goal by week 4/6 of the program!! Marla’s coaching clarified what I wanted which made me feel confident about the ways I wanted to invest my money in my business and helped me recreate my relationship with my cash-flow so I can be more conscious about not only where I’m spending but where I’m saving or supporting others.” – Chelsey

When she shared this with the group during the program, I was floored! My clients usually make major strides and changes in their finances, but this one was a major home run in a very short amount of time! She manifested fast.

The good news keeps on coming.

Michele Harvey is an outstanding filmmaker based in Miami. Co-owner of Modern Love Productions, she and her partner, Osiris, are a married wedding videography team – where they create authentic, artistic, and deeply personal wedding films.

I was delighted to have her in the program after meeting Michele at Wedding MBA during my breakout session about wealth consciousness for higher sales conversion. I can honestly say she embodied that very result due to her loyalty to the program and being a very coachable client!

Her transformation also happened remarkably in a short time frame where she attained several financial and mindset goals that up-leveled her wedding filmmaking business within two months!

My old money story/relationship was based on what was demonstrated and taught to me from my family, which was a very practical, middle-class and security-first mindset. As an adult, I adapted this practical mindset as a limiting belief in which I could not imagine myself wealthy despite being a driven person.

Marla’s program helped me completely flip my money relationship, including viewing money as a value and moving past any insecurities and limiting beliefs about what I am capable of and deserve

The two months during the program coincided with my largest earning months of my business to date and I booked my largest jobs to date (2 booking over $4,000 apiece from $2,800 base package price).

I made $12k in one weekend.  I raised the rates on all of my packages and no one has asked for a discount or tried to negotiate with me on rates.” – Michele

Need I share more?

There is much more results they achieved, but these are the highlights I felt were most poignant to inspire you.

There is something incredible about the human condition. When given the opportunity to recalibrate old habits, mindset and/or behaviors, especially with money since it’s attached to our core values and needs, we will prevail just as Chelsey and Michele demonstrated.

These stories keep affirming to me the legacy I aspire to help create with my clients is solid and deeply transformational. Their businesses not only achieve higher results, but they are role modeling a dignified, confident money relationship for generations to come with family, friends and colleagues.

That is so far reaching.

I am eager to help you be more empowered with your money relationship, transform your finances, and wear your dignity with confidence.  It begins with a phone call. Email support@marladaiann.com to schedule our connection.

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Love and success,