Week two in Mindful Productivity month. How and when do you plan your week?

My most effective mindful productivity habit since 2009 is planning my whole week hour by hour on Sunday night. Yes! I carve out 3-4 hours to plan my entire week day by day, hour by hour so I am ready to go Monday morning after my sacred, quiet time.


I have a self-made word doc template that includes each day, hour by hour. Most commitments require preparation prior to the actual meeting, session, etc. I plug in the info for each day based on what is on my desk calendar and Google calendar.

The feeling of being organized when I go to bed Sunday night is so grounding. Knowing what my week looks like is by far, the best relaxation mindset I can have. Yes, it takes discipline to carve out every Sunday night, but it’s incredibly worth it! This sets you up for a productive mindset ready to take on the demands of running a business or working your job.

How do I compensate for tasks and deadlines not completed on a certain day? I move them to the next day or another day. Either way they get done. There are some tasks or projects that get moved to the following week if they are taking more effort. The only time I don’t prep on Sunday:

a.) I have an event or social gathering on Sunday eve, so I will do the planning in the afternoon before I leave. I never wait till Monday.

b.) I am on vacation or traveling. If I am traveling anywhere in the world, since my business is location independent (Laptop Lifestyle), I still do the planning on Sunday. Or if I need to, I will do it prior to going out anywhere on Sunday.

I am curious, what is your mindful productivity hack around planning your week? I know there are hundreds of ways to do this.

I’d love to know yours so I can share it on my social media. Would you be willing to share?

How about you schedule a massage or acupuncture treatment this week?

You deserve it.