One of the best mindful productivity tips I discovered on my own while navigating a challenge or two or three in business. I call it “The Gift in the Challenge.”

It goes along the same lines as “This is happening for me, not to me.”

How many times have we gone down the negative rabbit hole when dealing with a challenging situation, only to find we fed the problem even more just by our negative, reactive mindset and behavior?


It is in our best interest, instead, to ask ourselves “what is the gift in this challenge?” in order to immediately raise the vibration around the challenge, thus helping attract a solution.

Now, I know that is a tall order when we are in the midst of an emotional upheaval feeling ungrounded and uncertain. However, this is where your spiritual maturity is strengthened by swiftly shifting to the positive by asking yourself that question.

I promise you, there is always a gift in the challenge when we look for it. This mindful behavior is operating from Spirit (expansiveness), not ego (contraction).

See if this feels familiar in your own life. You have a desire or goal to achieve. It’s been on your vision board, desire/goal list for a few years. Maybe it’s a love relationship. A new career. A book deal. A new home. Higher-income from your business or job. A vacation to Bali, Italy, or Paris. And you have yet to achieve this! You have tried many ways to make it happen. There it sits on your list year after year. Not only does your vibration need to match the vibration of your desire (inner work needed), but this could be the case of one door closes while another one opens. Meaning, the way you presumed how it needed to happen, is potentially the issue.

When we let go of HOW that love relationship, new career, higher revenues, book deal, or vacation, etc., is supposed to happen and get humble with not dictating the how, that’s when we open the channels for all sorts of new energy (manifesting), people, opportunities, ideas, and more to show up that you would have never thought of!

So, the gift in the challenge was you learning to allow the “how” to show up and give room for a miracle to happen, rather than trying to control how to get to the outcome. It’s typically a much more aligned result that brings bigger joy in your life.

Stories from myself and clients are too numerous to list here. But trust me, this is as true as the sky is blue. I know you have experienced this and have seen it in other people’s lives.

This mindful productivity hack will keep you in the game of success, rather than throwing you to the sidelines feeling defeated. In our energetic world, we must be especially conscious of our vibration (feelings and thoughts) moment to moment because of what it will cause.

Take this into your life. Add a post-it note next to your desk space. “What is the gift in the challenge?” Or “This is happening for me, not to me.”

I believe in you,