It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

Have you been hearing from your friends, colleagues, and clients lately they are up against a sense of malaise and are struggling to stay positive and focused on their goals?

It’s totally understandable given the overwhelming conditions we have been through the last two years. Mental health? How’s yours doing?


Our “involuntary” new normal has caused some resentment in some and enjoyment for others.  Many smart, intelligent, driven, kind, compassionate people are still having that level of uncertainty that makes it challenging to move forward and trust that the Universe has your back. This time in history has had its wear on us.

Enough is enough, right?

I have something to help find the light at the end of the tunnel and help you TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. I want you to have clarity, peace of mind, and a new approach to productivity that feels fresh and welcoming!

I am dedicating the month of March to mindful productivity for that good reason. Personally, I am in need of a planning overhaul (or maybe a few important tweaks) to add spark and a “newness” to my productivity strategies and mindset because I am in the planning and execution of my new podcast this month.

I must make room for the new, so I need to get rid of what’s old and taking up space. Something has to give so I can make room for creative zone days to produce my podcast. Inspired action here it comes!

When I took a close look at my current weekly workflow system that has served me well for over 10 years, I came to the realization I needed to change things up if I am to make room for frequent creative zone days to produce my long-time in-coming podcast.

I am super excited to weave this into my life and business given I love connection, storytelling, and journalism. It’s part of my creative roots from a twenty-year career as a publicist.

And, not to mention, in March we are all preparing our tax documents for our accountants, aiming to finish the first quarter feeling a sense of achievement, and keep building on the momentum we created the first two months with class, ease, style and grace.

I know. A TALL order. Hang tight.

Let’s place productivity front and center in our intentions daily, but with a mindful approach. What does that mean?

From mindful productivity expert, Sarah Steckler, she writes, “By putting your well-being at the front of your creative work, you create a systemic form of self-care and self-awareness that can help you avoid burnout, work resentment, and poor-quality outcomes. So, what does mindful productivity look like in simpler terms?

Mindful Productivity means you take action from a place of internal awareness of capacity vs. only focusing on the end goal.”

She’s writing about self-care along the way to completing the goal. In my Creative Achievement Flow Formula, we operate from a place of mindful self-care so as not to burn out on the way to achieving the goal or completing the project.

HOT TIP: One of my tips for mindful productivity from my own playbook is allowing ideas to come to you instead of sitting in front of a blank screen wondering where to begin. I literally set up a flip chart in my office and begin writing ideas, actions, thoughts, and don’t put pressure on myself to come up with a plan now.

Instead, since I know this is my groove, I start early on in the planning process by giving myself time to allow ideas, divine downloads, and my intuition to speak to me. As those come through, I add them to the flip chart. By the time a few weeks to a month has gone by, I have the beginnings of a plan that feels authentic and exciting!

I used this allowing last year while re-inventing, rebranding my business. Months later I had a full plan for the rebrand and loads of creativity to make it all happen! I am doing this now with my upcoming podcast, Follow Your Joy.

A few mindful productivity resources:

  • Intelligent Change/beproductive mindful planner desk pad (I bought it. Just getting started! The biz owners, Alex & Mimi Ikonn, are favorite influencers I follow.

  • Mindful Productivity expert, Sarah Steckler, teaches you how to organize your mind, create sustainable & mindful productivity, and turn your ideas into published planners & journals you can sell. She has a podcast and really cool handouts and guides how to get your ducks in a row!
  • Article: How to use mindful productivity to achieve more and less stress.

Are you up for joining me this month in giving your productivity a breath of fresh air with new ideas, resources, and tools? Make a comment below and let me know!