In celebration of my birthday week, I am sharing one of my favorite and popular blog articles based on author/life coach Gabby Bernstein’s 5 steps to spiritual surrender. I love it as a gentle reminder. Hope you do, too.

Instead of working harder at trying to achieve something that may not have been as easy to come by as you first thought, or by trying to control the outcome, I am encouraging you to Ask the Universe (or your higher power) for help, let go and surrender.

I know this is not new or ground breaking info, but I am reminding you (as I have myself recently) to be conscious when our egos are at the helm; because it just creates resistance. 

However, when you make it a habit of partnering with Universal energy aka intelligence or any higher power of your choice, and ask for support, you are in power manifesting mode. Miracles happen quicker and more gracefully.

Over the next week, give it a good, solid attempt to apply these 5 steps Click here for the full list. 

What is at the top of your manifesting list? What if you could collapse the timeframe, you thought it would take and make it happen much sooner?

I have my special approach to this my clients have experienced week after week, month after month. Let’s talk. Perhaps only a Laser session is all you need? Email to schedule a brief intro call to explore how we can work together.

​Be good to yourself, xo