my life is my messageWhen I mentor and encourage my clients to transform their “About Page” from generic content of what they do to an inspiring story of courage, vulnerability and breakthrough – they come to realize the storytelling strategy is not so much about them; but how their “struggle to victory” story can impact a life.


Branding is who you are; not what you do.


In a call last week with a client, I was glowing in gratitude when she figured out on her own the power of compelling branding as she shared with me her experience while writing her story from this “impact” angle.


It never occurred to her that her own story would be the magic to her branding. She was a bit hesitant to be so vulnerable. Very common. I asked how the experience went and she said, “Well, I needed some reassurance before our session so I had a close friend read my first draft to give me feedback to be sure I was on the right track. I was so surprised when she said she was so moved to change her own life because she was inspired by my story. Now I see what an impact I can have on lives just by living my message.”


Well, you can imagine how I was smiling on the other end of the phone. I said, “Congratulations. Without my having to explain the real purpose behind this strategy, you intuitively did it on your own and received exactly what I had hoped for you – a life changed because of your vulnerability.”
This is the how you “Embrace Your Spotlight.”


Do you see your story is not so much about you – but how you can inspire and impact a life by surrendering to tell your struggle to victory story (highlighting one of several segments of your life) which is not always comfortable. I know you have seen others do this on a speaking stage or watching a video. But you? Not.



I usually get a level of uncertainty from my clients when initially discussing this. That’s normal. We are not accustomed to being so vulnerable. But I agree vulnerability is the new leadership today.


Thanks to Brene Brown, renowned “Daring Greatly” author and international speaker, with her platform of vulnerability helping shift the collective consciousness to remove the facades and live more congruently.


She has made it more acceptable to be real.


As a writer, brander, former publicist, and trained journalist, one of my leading passions is storytelling. It brings us closer to each other and breaks the barriers. Storytelling creates instant rapport and the know, like and trust factor. This creates a much more natural, organic path to creating leads and clients. This is why filmmaking is such a core element to our pop culture. It brings people together.


Here are three simple steps to begin Embracing Your Spotlight and living your message:

  1. Choose one of your many struggle to victory experiences that you intuitively know can inspire others to triumph just like you did.
  1. Surrender. Then take your focus off of you and write from a place of giving and inspiration. Think – how can I use my life as a message of courage, humor, vulnerability?
  1. Don’t edit or judge as you write in first person conversational. Write from your heart; not your head. Commit to writing at least 4-5 paragraphs that spin a story of where you were to where you ended up.


And watch how you and others evolve because you were courageous enough to live your message.


Happy Holidays and Abundant New Year! 

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Embrace Your Spotlight