Isn’t it time you stop caving into discount requests for your services and stand for your worth and dignity by committing to your real rates and actually getting them? That’s building a business based on dignity; not fear or lack.

On March 22 you and your creative colleagues will learn the path to least resistance by increasing your earning power through changing how you are in relationship with money.

Yes. Changing how you are in relationship with money. I know it sounds odd.

Over the years, I found in my own life as well as most women entrepreneurs’ lives that we were not taught or raised to be powerful with money.

No fault of anyone’s.

When explored, our relationship with money is often dictated by doubt, fear, lack, guilt, worry and disrespect. We find our consciousness, behavior, mindset and habits around money are often bathed in a low vibe.

Again, no fault of your own.

The truth is…thousands of smart, savvy women tend to have an adversarial and disconnected relationship with money. They are not even conscious of it or better yet, even know they have a choice to change it.

The workshop will reveal the solution to this pervasive dilemma.

Click here for details and registration. I’m giving you a $100 savings for early registration. Invest in an evening for your well-being and true success with your creative colleagues for $99.

The highlight of the evening is my featured panel of courageous, successful creative entrepreneur clients who will share their behind the scenes, vulnerable stories of transformation. (Their vulnerability and determination will blow you away).

And don’t keep this a secret! Pass this info along. Attend with friends.

To your worth & dignity,

Business Innovation & Branding Mentor for Creatives