Time to get creative with “where’s the hidden money opportunities?”

I composed a spontaneous list of obvious and not-so-obvious ways to find hidden income in parts of your personal and business life. Let’s see if any of these can help. Depending on your business model and industry, these can apply as well as be a springboard for your own ideas!


  1. Reach out the former clients from the last few years and make a new offer.

2. Go on a scavenger hunt for all the loose money in odd places you may have forgotten. Coat pocket? Jean pocket? Desk drawer? Bottom of your purse?

3. Offer current clients a new service or program.

4. Review all your subscriptions and see what you really need and what can be reduced or canceled. (I just did this over the weekend with a few subscriptions for my business. I evaluated that I wasn’t using the past four months and cancelled it.)

5. Audit your monthly bills for accuracy. (That’s a Marlaism for being in touch with your numbers!)

6. Ask clients for referrals.

7. Offer a juicy bonus for new clients who pay in full.

8. Follow up with everyone you met networking in the last three months and make an offer or ask for a referral. Ask how you can serve them.

9. Invite friends, colleagues, and clients to your office or a hotel suite for an intimate 1-day business roundtable session for a fee.

10. Pre-sell a product or service for a special rate.

 I opened up (3) spaces for my private 90-day Visionary Entrepreneur Success Program with the intention of going into the new year with a powerful plan to upgrade your business.

Curious? Email my team support@marladiann.com to set up a call to see if I can help you.

Make this a prosperous week!