wayne dyer


Tears welled up in my eyes and my heart hurt deeply when I read Sunday night (Aug 30) that one of the most beloved, impactful spiritual mentors of our generation passed away. Wayne Dyer made an incredible global consciousness change with his undeniable love for humanity. I said quietly to myself, “Really? This can’t be true.” I was in denial for a moment and then I felt the depth of his impact on my life and millions of others. He was part of my spiritual growth in many profound ways.


His books line my bookshelves reminding me of how he inspired my life during some of my most challenging times ever since I embraced his wisdom as my very first spiritual mentor in 1996. I was so thirsty for his soulful words and comfort. His humor was so welcoming and much needed!


It was Wayne’s wisdom that soothed my soul and gave me hope during my divorce in 1997 with his book Real Magic. He opened my world to Universal Law by teaching me how to live an intentional life through thoughts and feelings having a vibrational effect. My life took a sharp right turn back then for the better because of his truth and love of humanity.


Wayne’s “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” book calmed my heart and soul during the breast cancer journey back in 2003-2004. His Power of Intention book carried me through achieving goal after goal in all parts to my life. The benefits of his love and wisdom are infinite.


It was his teachings led me to all my subsequent mentors who enhanced my life in numerous ways. And it was that enhancement that led to my current passion for mentoring and coaching people to their brilliance.


People from all over the world are grieving the loss; but we know he certainly left this world a much better place than where it was when he was brought to this earth.


Bless you Wayne. I am so sorry you are gone. I cherish the memories and bless your next adventure. You made a HUGE impact on the world. Thank you hardly describes the gratitude I have for you.


How about you? Did you have the privilege of knowing him and his impact? If not, I highly encourage you to buy his books, CDs, and audios. Your life will never be the same.


My request:




We are moving into the last quarter of 2015 and you know what that means? Give it your best shot in all you do and say. Keep your word with yourself. Commit to your intentions. Create results that speak to your integrity.


My request, if you would please take it seriously, is to share your intention for the rest of 2015 and how you plan on making it happen on my business page by clicking here or posting below in the comment section. Think about what resources you have to achieve those intentions. What spiritual practices are you committed to that support your intentions and goals?


You are here to make an impact on the world. Let’s do it.


Tons of gratitude and love,