Most of my best teachings come from my own lessons learned while in a challenge. Such is the case in the last few weeks.

I am grateful to pass on the lesson learned and solution so that you can better your business and decision-making.

The topic has to do with the powerful effect of staying in your zone of genius and focusing on your high payoff activities most of your day while operating your business. This can be tricky. Be careful.

Remember, operating in your genius zone is the ultimate leverage strategy so you can A.D.D. (automate, delegate or delete) everything else. When we lean too much away from this and take on non-genius work, our revenues can fluctuate and not remain consistent.

So, your coach (smile) was very excited in launching her new podcast in June last year, as was her team. My team was all set and production handled beautifully over the last six months. Truly, great job by my team!

By early December, however, I noticed I had taken on too much every week in getting the episodes out. As a result, the momentum I always had in my business and revenues decreased because I was not paying close attention at being pulled away from my successful lead generating activities of speaking online and offline at events, attending events, and networking.

Now, I loved writing the promotional emails and posting Instagram reels weekly among the tasks I took on. But, truth be told, I did not need to do those. My team did.

So, I made fast decisions over the weekend. My team is relieved and happy to take on more duties (off my plate) and allow me to do my thing! (They were hoping I would finally notice!)

The result is I compose the script for the interview and host the podcast. That’s all. Those are in my genius zone. My wonderful team does the rest. I admit I feel liberated and back in the saddle to rebuild momentum.

The lesson? Pay attention to your intuition, consistency of your high payoff activities and momentum. And, delegate the rest.


Be on the lookout for miracles this week! They are waiting for you to receive them.

Loads of gratitude,