marla blog 3-13-14-1It’s time to be the tall poppy. I am sure you have heard the term “tall poppy syndrome.” But in case not, I’ll explain. This is the premise to the story I am about to share with you that speaks volumes to how women are hungry to excel but stop short when they are asked to be a leader and lead by example.


In this case, the tall poppy syndrome holds many women back from publicly acknowledging their money success in business. Tall poppy syndrome thoughts go like this: “Who am I to publicly acknowledge my money success?” or “I’ll be judged if I come forth with this” or “I might lose friends if I take a stand for this new level of success.”


It’s all very common. Whichever it is for you, please stop. Clients will be drawn to you because of your leadership skills, confidence, dignity and the ability to create results. They secretly respect those with boundaries and successful results because they want that for themselves. Hence, they hire you.


By taking a stand and letting others know of your success, you can be an inspiration to others.  You give permission for others to do the same.


The Story


A client from my mastermind business program had a BIG win last week when she went from a low $80/hour for her services as an image and wardrobe consultant for high profile women to an astounding fee that resulted in acquiring a new ideal client EASILY with grace.


When my client came to me she was incredibly overworked and out of balance in both her family life and business due to her “hours for dollars” business model, her lack of boundaries and uncertain self-worth.  (Bless her heart). She was making a good income according to her but at a big price emotionally and personally.


When I began working privately with her – I saw her main issues were boundaries and deservability. I immediately had her clean away the clutter from her services and stop giving away the farm. Then we discussed her rates and how incredibly low she was charging for her brilliant talent, care, attention, and excellence she was providing her clients.  All of her services were by the hour and she was riddled with guilt if she wasn’t working because her mindset was “hours for dollars.”


Sound familiar?


This mindset will keep you frustrated, imbalanced, overworked, undervalued and much underpaid. In my money legacy and business innovation coaching sessions I support women business owners in moving beyond their self-imposed limitations, boundary issues, and money behavior patterns that do not honor their worth, dignity and respect. The next part will inspire and amaze you as it did me.


marla blog 3-13-14-3As my client de-cluttered all of her services by choosing to eliminate unnecessary services, bundle her top desirable services, include bonuses and other specific actions I recommended, we began moving her from an hourly rate business model to a savvy, leveraged, and packaged business model honoring her worth (raising her rates) and clearly defining her boundaries.  Even better, this allowed her to offer her clients exactly what they wanted without overwhelming them with too many services.


That formula is: doing less while getting paid more for what you are worth with the right client who is eager to work with you.


(Let me add how ironic this is – my client helps women de-clutter their closets and wardrobes so they start manifesting more in their lives and feel more empowered in their clothes.  Gotta love how the Universe works!)


Here’s the amazing result.


A few days later, my client calls me up from the car after her appointment with her “ideal prospective client” ( I call it your ideal avatar) in total awe, excitement and gratitude that not only did she offer her prospective client her new upscale simplified package with bonuses, but the client wanted more visits so the package rate doubled! And, the new client paid in full.


So my client went from a painful $80/hour to selling an $8,000 package paid in full with a retainer after the package is completed! That is the beauty of taking a leap of faith with the support of a mentor who believes in you, encourages you to go beyond your self-imposed barriers, and provides you with a more savvy solution that raises your income, self-worth, dignity and value.  I am thrilled for her!


The next step of her evolution and transformation is to be the “tall poppy” I explained in the first part of this article. Go out there and be a Tall Poppy. Stand proud. Shout out your monetary success so you inspire others to do the same. Everyone wins. It’s a posturing that many aspire to be. People admire others for your gift of leadership. You give permission for others to do the same.  Be brave. Be BOLD. Be Gutsy. Break the Rules is my tag line!


Imagine how powerful your BRAND ESSENCE and brand content will be given this new found confidence? Money and Branding are synonymous. Clear the clutter and soar!


Who is next for a money breakthrough and building a new money legacy for their family? 


Here are 3 steps to get started on setting boundaries that lead to a more balanced life and business resulting in more income:


marla blog 3-13-14-21.  Make a list of what you tolerate in your life in all areas. Begin taking a proactive approach on all of them a few at a time. Clear the clutter. Notice how you feel when not only being aware of the toleration (vs. shoving it under the rug) but taking charge eliminating it.


2.  Turn your services into inspiring packages; write them out on a professionally looking document and present them to your prospective client. This allows you to hold firm on your new rates and demonstrates a posture that you create results!


3. Resist making a decision ahead of time whether your prospective client can afford your services or not. Trust. Hold them as powerful in stepping up to the challenge AND it’s not up to you to decide what they can or cannot afford. You are providing a valuable service. Live it. Own it. Be it.


Would love to read your comments below. Resonate? Helpful?


Gratitude and abundant blessings,

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